Microsoft Setting Up Two New Kinect Studios

I've always thought that the implications of Kinect would be more keenly felt in the area of user interfaces and how we interact with them, as opposed to actual 'games', but it looks as though Microsoft hasn't given up on that dream, and is planning to open two new Kinect studios.

As spotted by a Neogaf user, Microsoft has openings at a new studio called LEAP, and is calling for folks with a "[p]assion for delighting players and users with awesome games and entertainment experiences".

The second studio is mentioned on a Human Resources Manager job ad, and seems to be called Platform Next Studios. It's mentioned only briefly as a studio "pioneering experiences on Kinect", but is mentioned in the same breath as 343 studios, the studio which has taken over production of the Halo franchise.

Kinect has been massively successful since its release, but has seen a dearth of interesting game experience. I've enjoyed Child of Eden and Fruit Ninja Kinect, but personally I'm looking for games that live up to the massive promise of the Kinect device.

Here's hoping.

Microsoft staffing up two new Kinect studios [Eurogamer]


    Platform Next Studios sounds suspiciously like something that would be working on stuff for the next xbox...

      Either that or that half level from the building in Being John Malkovich.

    I still don't get this 'massive promise' of Kinect??? The tech is cool and will be a blast on anything but a games console as what can you do apart from flail around your loungeroom???

      Have you even played the kinect yet? it's actually alot of fun if you give it a chance.

        I've played some bowling game in-store - I thought wii sports was better.

        Other than that - watched someone playing some fighting game for 5 min where the punches and kicks didn't match up at all. Lag + misinterpreted actions=not fun.

        I've played Wii and Move games and neither excite me so I am biased against them BUT, my point was that even before launch everyone was carrying on how Kinect would change everything and even now the article above is still going on about all this massive potential which I just can't see... Im not trying to troll but really asking just what does this tech add to gaming that hasn't already been done apart from yet another sports and dance game...

    I don't see anything in the description of "LEAP" that suggests they're working on Kinect games. In fact, if they're looking to hire people with “passion for delighting players and users with awesome games and entertainment experiences”, that would seem to suggest that Kinect is the LAST thing they'll be looking to work with :P

    R.I.P. said two new game studios.

    Cause when one your titles are a flop or when Kinect grows tired for people, MS will be closing you down, much like any other small gaming studio these days.

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