Microsoft Shelves Fancy TV Service For The Xbox 360

There was a lot of buzz last year that Microsoft would be introducing a new TV subscription service for the Xbox 360, one that would bring all kinds of live TV shows to the platform and let them work with motion and voice control.

Nothing ultimately became of it because, well, nothing ultimately became of it. A report on Reuters today reveals that Microsoft was at one point very serious about the service, but backed down and shelved it when it found out how much TV networks were going to charge for live feeds of their programming.

Interestingly, while the initial reports only mention the Xbox 360, the Reuters report simply mentions Microsoft, implying the company had grander plans for its TV service than just its home console.

Exclusive: Microsoft Web TV subscription plan on hold [Reuters]


    It really doesn't matter for Australians anyway because we wouldn't of got it. Just like UFC won't be getting that either....

    i got foxtel \o/ good enough for me

      I hope you like repeats :D

        touche my good man :P... hey it's cheap and i mainly use catchup, NATGEO or Discovery always got something worth watching... so yeah i'm paying $19.9 per month for 2 channels ultimately :P

          My good man one would use what you are paying on foxtel for more download limit ;-) :D

            on top of that, it only streams in SD.... may as well pay for Foxtel iQ HD :P

        Why pay for repeats when Free To Air digital TV already plays the same movies, and TV eps over and over and over? I swear they have only one month of programming they just repeat.

          What pisses me off more is Main Event Not being in HD when every single event is in HD. Like i would love to see all the UFC events in HD but of course i can't unless i wait for the blu ray or do unspeakable witchcraft.

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