Minecraft's Developers Working On Three New Games That You Don't Know About

Mojang, custodians of Minecraft, are also working on a new game called Scrolls. Beyond that? The Swedish outfit is developing a further three games, all of them unannounced.

Video game developers are always working on something new, all the time. The news here is that two of those games may, according to Mojang CEO Carl Manneh, be released in the first half of 2012. Keen observers will note we are already in the first half of 2012.

The third game is the new personal project of company founder and Minecraft creator Markus Persson.

Mojang working on three new games [Edge]


    I'm glad my money I paid and thousands like me is well spent working on other games... rather than Minecraft

      Thats what normally happens when you purchase a game

    Heres an idea mojang, get good at one game first before you do another.

    Notch had one good idea, which really wasn't even his. I'm not certain he can pull off another hit... technically he's not even a one-trick pony yet because his one trick was taken from somebody else.

    Finish Minecraft first.

      It is finished. It was released a couple of months ago.

    Am I the only person who didn't have an overly high expectation of minecraft when I purchased it?

    I paid my money. I played the game. I enjoyed it. Now I play other things. It wasn't ever going to have an amazing lifespan.

      Exactly my thinking, although I was actually kinda disappointed with the replayability of it and I can't quite understand the religious lust for this game.

      It isn't really that great... sorry to say. Yes I get there is a building aspect to it and I'm sure some people love that, but the adventure part for me was paper thin. Once you have found everything there was almost no motivation to want to continue on until the next patch... When the patch comes out, you find the new stuff, play with it for a little bit then go "Oh...ok...well....I'll just go then."

    Minecraft is run by Jeb now. Pester Jeb you leeches :P

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