Miss Finland Must Cosplay As Lara Croft

Eidos, the company behind Tomb Raider, killed off its real-life Lara Croft spokesgirls. They'll "never happen again", said Eidos. In Finland, they live on.

According to Finish tabloid Iltalehti, the 2012 Miss Finland candidates were rounded up, dressed in Lara Croft-inspired gear, and taken out to the arctic circle for a few "Lara Croft themed photos".

It was minus 25 degrees! But there the Miss Finland candidates were, doing high-kicks, crouching on snowmobiles, and wearing hot pants.

More photos in the links below.

Nämä ovat missikokelaiden salaiset aseet [Iltalehti]

Missit puolialasti Lara Crofteina pakkasessa [Iltalehti Thanks, Gene!]


    God bless Finland.

    -25? Thats like a slightly chilly day for Finns, they're nuts

    Resist Frost: Your Nord blood gives you 50% resistance to frost

    I bet none of them read the source material.

    but lara croft wore snow gear in the snow...

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