Miyamoto Searching For 'One Big Hit'

Rumours of Miyamoto's retirement have been greatly exaggerated, and in a recent Q and A with investors, he went into more detail on precisely what he plans to do in his new role at Nintendo.

According to Miyamoto, he will be expending far less energy is guiding his colleagues, and the benefits will be twofold: younger producers will now be able to develop themselves, and Miyamoto himself will have more time to work on pet projects.

[T]he ideal situation is one in which I do not need to give any direction," said Miyamoto. "If we look at such a situation from one perspective, my giving directions may hold back my subordinates’ independent and voluntary growth."

Miyamoto will still be involved when his expertise is required, but the idea is that he uses his new found freedom to develop new hit franchises for Nintendo.

"The basic idea is, I’m reminding myself to exercise patience (so that I will not state my opinion nor get myself involved in their work.) I end up using less of my energy and, as a result, I am starting to have time that I can spend for myself," said Miyamoto.

"Now, I am spending more time than before on finding new ideas for new developments rather than focusing my energy on work in my (development) teams in order to solidify the contents of (existing) franchise titles. After all, developing big hit titles must be the solution. I am acting with the understanding that one big hit title can change multiple phases of a situation in the entertainment business, and I feel that finding such one big hit is my basic job."

Personally, I can't wait to see what Miyamoto and his team comes up with. Last time Miyamoto was tasked with producing a Video Game he created Pikmin, one of my favourite games ever made. If he creates something as dazzlingly original and polished as that, I'll be a happy man.

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    "Miyamoto will still be involved when his expertise is required"

    Last time he did that, he butchered what could have been a dark, sinister Twilight Princess.

      If that had more gore, and the children didn't end up running a village store ffs, then it would have been an epic game. Sadly, it straddled the line between cartoony and dark, and failed to be good at either.

      Also it needed voice acting.

    I still love his 'IT PRINTS MONEY!' photo.

    He's Miyamoto, he wont have to look far.

    Miyamoto should probably stop looking for hits and start looking for..... I dunno, fun?

    Didn't we all know this three months ago?

    Uh wasn't the last thing Miyamoto came up not Pikmin but Wii Music?

      Nobody is perfect!
      But he does have a lot to answer for with the WII FIT / MUSIC / crap

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