Modern Warfare 3 Maps Out Its DLC Schedule

Man, Activision is really pushing its new Elite subscription service. Not that we blame them — it's a smart idea. Now Activision has completely 'mapped' out its DLC schedule for 2012, and it looks as though they will be regularly releasing new maps and missions exclusively for Elite subscribers.

You can find the entire schedule at Call of Duty's official site, but it looks as though Activision is planning to release new downloadable content for the game every single month.

The Piazza and Liberation multiplayer maps will be available today.


    So, exclusive for Elite subscribers, BUT, if my brother downloads on to my Xbox, would I be able to use it since my Xbox would have a license for it?

      I don't think so. It will also be tied to his Xbox Live account.

        Yeah, but when you buy you get two licences, one for the Gamertag and one for the Xbox. (Not trying to sound condescending if you already knew that)

        As long as he's not signed in to xbox live elsewhere, the maps should work. In my mind anyway.

          I see where you are coming from. I know about the two licenses, but I expect Activision would require both to be able to use DLC.

          Sorry I can't be more helpful than to provide an assumption.

            I know with Black Ops, on the PSN at least, one person could buy the maps and then download them on as many different consoles as they like and then go back home and play with the people using the maps he just put on their PS3. That's what all the guys at work did.

            They just wouldn't listen when I said Xbox is better.

              Now that's just too awesome a loophole for it to exist.

              Kind of like Shivering Isles. You could install it onto your xbox and then the disc could be taken away and used to install it on someone else's xbox.

              man with ps3 you can only share an account with five consoles

              as Cho03 mentioned it was limited to 5 consoles only, with the psn user id it was tied to, to be present on the console (didn't need to be logged in, just had to be on there), and since late last year, Sony dropped the 5 licences to only 2 now.

          I've asked the folk at Whirlpool:

          Not an easy question to ask. I feel like Lewis Carrol writing a riddle.

    I'm really glad they've posted a calendar. There was no way I would pay for a subscription unless I new what I was getting. Probably still won't get it since I don't play this game enough but it's good to see what you would get if you did.

      I got the subscription when I bought the collectors edition, I doubt it's something I'd buy on its own.

    When they say to Elite members first, is that for both xbox and PS3 owners or just xbox? Watching the trailer for the maps it says first on xbox.

      Just xbox elite premium members at the moment, i think PSN get it next week maybe? xbox always gets the exclusive first as Microsoft pay activision for that special treatment.

    Never mind the question. The MW3 thread on Whirlpool have all ready had people saying that it's for xbox elite owners first. Then non elite xbox owners. No ETA on the PS3 elite release.

    I wish Call of Duty would die. It's the most stale, repetitve gaming franchise out there. I swear the developers have the creative ability of a pack of flies.

      I wish that your beloved game series would die.
      Seriously dude, no one is forcing you to play it, no one is forcing you to read its articles, and no one sure as hell wants to read your bullshit. Please refrain from trolling.

      blame the consumers foolio!

        While I agree that complaining isn't a meaningful addition to this conversation, it IS valid. If people don't express their opinion on how the CoD franchise is dragging down the games industry, people will keep lapping it up and our games will never be innovative.

        If we all shut up about the elephant in the room, nothing gets done about it.

    So is that 20 "new maps that nobody has ever played before" or 20 "maps that are completely new to MW3, in the sense that we copy/pasted them directly from the previous games"?

    So I've been enjoying the odd game of MW3 with mates. Im level 52 or so after already hitting prestiege already. I know thats not good or anything, but gives you an idea of how much i play. Now here is my thing. I refuse to buy this content because i already have the game and plenty of other games that i want to play.

    Im just worried that this will effectively kill the game for me? Ive never played BLOPS or MW2 or anything, if I dont get the content, will I be able to play still.. will anyone be playing old maps?

      usually the first week or so, the new maps are put into normal rotation and have their own "game mode" per say where you only play those maps. After that everything returns to normal and they are just in the normal rotation. If the server changes to a DLC map the next round which you don't have, you get shifted to another lobby with the vanilla maps. And with the large amount of players online, you'll still find games on the vanilla maps with ease, so it won't kill the game for you

      If it's anything like the previous games the part that makes it frustrating enough that you'll eventually give in and buy the new maps is that it makes it impossible to spend a long session playing with the same group of random people.
      As more and more DLC packs get released your chances of spending more than two matches with the same group of people shoots down to nearly zero, which sucks a whole heap when you land in a match where everyone is evenly skilled and actually chatting.

      If you're just playing a few matches every other day it's no problem. If you play an entire afternoon on your day off then it starts becoming a pain.

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