Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition Announced (But Not For Australia)

Warner Bros has announced it is planning to release Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition — a game of the year style edition that contains all the DLC released for the game. Obviously, with Mortal Kombat being refused classification in Australia, the chances of this version of the game being released here are slim, but we thought we'd double check regardless.

Being that Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition is, technically, a new title and would have to go through the classification process regardless, Warner Bros could attempt to classify Mortal Kombat by submitting this new edition.

However, Warner Bros Australia has confirmed that, sensibly, they will not be attempting to submit Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition to the Classification Board.

If we were to speculate, however, it would make perfect sense for Warner Bros to submit Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition for classification after an R18+ rating is introduced here. EA made a similar decision with Syndicate, choosing to not resubmit an edited version of the recently RC'd Syndicate.

However, at this stage, we have no real precise timeline on when the Classification Board will be able to process the first R18+ game. Some speculate we could be waiting for years.

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    this is basically what i was holding out for. lol

    I have (after jumping through some awfully big hoops) downloaded the DLC characters, but they don't show up to select when I go on-line (in the Australia lobby no less) - am I doing something wrong?

    Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition didn't do this I think.

      Should be in the bottom left of the character select screen, with Cyber Sub Zero I think. Could be wrong on the CBZ thing but bottom left bro

        Big hoops? Downloading the DLC is really quite easy (for PS3 and X360)

      hey m8 how do you download the content. i have tried but all i get is invalied code, and when i do online and jump into a lobby i always get disconcted after 2 seconds, how do i get it to work ??

    That final sentence is the truth.

      It sure is and i doubt we will even get it....

    "Some speculate we could be waiting for years." hell, it might get scraped before it come to effect.

    Sweet glad I held off on importing this.

    Well...shit. Oh well got all that stuff already. SO WHATEVER ITS NOT LIKE I WANTED THIS ANYWAY

    "Somebody I know" received a copy of this game in the mail yesterday. "They" are slightly disappointed by this news coming out the next day, but after looking at what the DLC adds are happy with the amount of content on the disc "they" bought for $27.

    Overall, "they" are happy with their purchase.

    Sick of this shit.

    Import. Will be doing so, as the missus seems to like button mashing, and gore. So this edition cements my desire to get this.

    the joys of have 3 psn accounts best place to get $20 PSN US cards is ebay!

      No, it's Best Buy. Unless you like overpaying because you're stupid?

    Meh, I got the tournament edition with the arcade stick shipped to my door in Adelaide a day after it released for about $90 cheaper than I would have paid from any store in Australia.

    I got plenty of Aussie friends who play MK online.

    Been wanting to grab this for myself. But I always prefer to go the GOTY route, with all the DLC packed in. Here's hoping it makes a local release sometime relatively soon.

    honestly don't care. anything that is rc'd here we can import easily enough. i ended up buying a few copies of MK while i was over in the U.S

    Time to do a follow up to my Mortal Kombat reader review then

    This is exactly what I was waiting for before ordering from overseas....too bad it'll most likely come right in my poorest period if it's coming this year

    Given that the game has changed they could put it up for classification agian and you never know, with teh crazy consistency of the COB they might get in.

    I was hoping this would happen, not because I want it (I already have the original which I am very pleased with, laong withe the DLC) but because I thought that a re-release would give the rest of us Australians a chance to play the game without having to slyly import the game.

    Importing was not a problem at all, I haven;t heard of ANYONE getting caught, or getting into trouble from importing the game, but really, why should we even need to? A re-release with "new" content is eligible for a new classification. It's a damn shame the R18+ isn't ready yet, because then no one would have to miss out.

    I imported the regular US version via Playasia with FedEx shipping. Got it in two days, no problems with customs. They couldn't catch a cold. Did the same with Left 4 Dead 2, Dark Sector, SOF Payback and every other banned game. I'll be doing the same for the MK Komplete edition.

    On top of high prices and censored games, you get the game sooner as well.

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