N-Control Donates $50,000 To Child's Play

Some good may be coming out of the "Ocean Stratagy"/Paul Christoforo customer service debacle. N-Control, the company that makes the Avenger controller formerly repped by Christoforo, announced that they'd be making a large donation to Child's Play.

Child's Play is, of course, the charity organised by Penny Arcade, the popular video game website where the angry back-and-forth between Christoforo and PA's Mike Krahulik transformed the former into an object of internet infamy.

N-Control's also saying that they're not taking any new orders on the Avenger and are focusing on closing out the unfulfilled shipments.


    It's fantastic they did this, kudos to them for donating to such a worthy cause. On the other hand it's a pity, and please noone take this the wrong way, that they had to do something like this, to get their reputation back due to some douchebag tarnishing it over his own mishandling of a very easily handled situation :\

    But well done to the guys at N-Control. Very classy, their new PR people are doing a top job :)

      It'd be a lot classier if it was Christoforo donating the cash, since he was the one responsible for the entire shitstorm in the first place.

      Not neccessarily a good thing, more desperation than charity. 500k is a lot of money, so it sounds like they're gambling that this will help improve their image enough so they'll actually sell some Avengers, and make it back.

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