Nathan Drake And The Temple Of The Lost JB Hi-Fi Review

I suspect that one day I'll get tired of posting random reviews of games found in JB Hi-Fi, but today is not that day!

It's not as good as their Duke Nukem Forever review (which is all time), or their L.A. Noire review, but it's definitely close!

Someone needs to make a Tumblr for this stuff.

Thanks Jiff!


    I just remembered I still have a picture in my phone of their label on a Skyrim display: "I used to play other games but..." well, you get the idea. It was funnier a month ago.

    From Gamestop in the US:

    Everything needs a Wookie.
    These reviews are always gold! :D

    I would have bought a PS3 if it had one of my fellow brethren in it *wookie roar*

    Some of the albums reviews are good too, like this one for Metallicas "Lulu"


    I have an awesome competition idea!!!.. Get in contat with JB Hifi and get them to donate a $100 voucher.. or a bunch of lower amounts, or whatever.. and the competition is to write the best game review 'in the style of JB Hifi'. Any game, any opinion. and that includes any game ever!

    That is an awesome idea... DO IT!


      Call of Duty:

      Pew pew pew!


      Pew pew!


      Broken, worst game ever, wouldn't give to my worst enemy... 7/10.

      Bayonetta: I haven't played this game, but her hair is her clothing AND her weapon. It can't multitask. You do the math.

    Would anyone think less of me if I corrected the spelling to Wookiee?


      So many people inadvertently leave off that extra e.

      It's a...


      Wookiee mistake.

        I'll pay that one :)

      I would rather spell Wookiee right. After all, they tend to tear your arms off if you piss them off ;-)

    I prefer the review for Mario and Sonic at the London Olympics seen in Sydney:

    In 1994 if you had told me Mario and Sonic were appearing in a game together it would have blown my mind. It's 2012 and it still would have except in this game, Yoshi rides a horse.

    (or words to that effect)

    I prefer the Lulu Album Review
    "Lou Reed talking over Metallica playing boring jams. Probably the worst thing ever"

    We've been running this tumblr for a few months now, though it focuses on all types of JB Hi-Fi reviews and not just games. We also have a Twitter for those not tumblr inclined. Hope you all enjoy it!!/jbhifi_reviews

    Here's one my brother found

    Sorry it's on facebook

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