New Mario Party And Pokemon Games Hitting The *ahem* 4 Million-Selling Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo tipped the world off to its coming software line-up last month, but it seems like they left a few aces up their sleeves.

In an announcement crowing about the 4 million 3DS units the company's sold since launch, Nintendo also declared that new installments in its popular Mario Party and Pokémon franchises will be debuting on the stereoscopic handheld. The House of Mario doesn't offer up a specific time frame but this appears to be the first mention of either series coming to the 3DS.

It took a huge price drop to generate 4 million sales in nine months but, according to Nintendo, that's still better than the Wii did in the same time period. The fact that Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 — which have each sold a million — came out in time for the holidays probably helped that sales spike.

The oldest lesson in Nintendo-ology gets proven again, as the company's first-party franchises prove to be its heavy hitters. If Nintendo launched the 3DS with a Mario game, all those worries about the system's viability would likely have never even surfaced.


    True that, I got my 3DS at Eb's midnight launch and it practically sat there gathering dust for months until mario came out.

    Oh man, a new Pokemon game? I might have to finally take the plunge now, or at least soon

    Pokemon, Mario Party & Super Snash Bros on 3DS... SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

      Did I miss the Smash Bros announcement?
      I'd heard speculation but no confirmation

        I'm fairly certain Sakurai himself confirmed that he is working on a Smash Bros for both Wii U and 3DS

    $10 says the Pokemon games still won't have proper 3D battles and whatnot.

      Why do you think they made the 3D pokedex?

      They've already been planning the introduction of 3d assests.

        I've been tempted to pick up a 3DS just for the 3D pokedex.

          It's pretty cute, but it'll be much better when it includes the older gens.

            I doubt that.
            They're probably use the old models from the gamecube/n64 games.
            That's what they did on the Wii game.

    If it's pokemon SoulSilver with 3d or something I will shoot myself for already having bought SoulSilver...

    Pokemon aye? I hope it's not sprite based.
    is it a spin off or a full game? I really wanted Black & White to be released on the 3DS but they weren't.
    Maybe the game is Pokemon Grey? Would it be too weird if the 3rd 'prequel' game for a series was on another platform? I guess it wouldn't be as odd as releasing such a big title in 2012/2013 for the DS.

    As much as I loved the first few Mario Party games, it's living on borrowed time. I've completely lost interest in the MP games, and I'm a rabbid Mario fan. This time a year ago I had honestly thought MP was dead. But now there are two different MP games in development. Please Nintendo, just stop MP and focus on other, better games...

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