New South Park Screenshots Are, Well, Pretty Great

From what we've heard of the upcoming South Park RPG, it's in good hands. From what we can now see of it in action, that feeling remains unchanged.

A big batch of screenshots for the game showed up over the weekend, most of them showing what looks like battle gameplay. The whole kids-playing-dress-ups-only-with-real-magic thing looks awesome, and the way its being all video gamey but still retaining South Park's trademark visual style looks awesome.

South Park should be out towards the end of the year on PC, PS3 and 360.


    Impressively loyal to the show. Here's hoping it falls into Obsidian's hit category...

    Cannot wait

    Wow, It looks just like the show. Hopefully the gameplay is great as well.

    same photos from last months game informer....just saying

    Battling gingers, hippies and goth kids... So good.

    *shrug* These screenshots are news to me. They look great!

      Bah, reply fail. This was meant to be @kane

    the screens make it look like its gonna be a turn based game.

      Pretty sure I remember one of the previous writeups on it mentioning it taking inspiration from Paper Mario or something.

      Because it is?

      Turn-based with timed attack bonuses

    LOL!!! Hahahahaha!!!!
    These are the same screenshots from this month's Game Informer! Nice one Kotaku, LOL!

      LOL did you get a good laugh out of that AHAHA LOL ?

      Because everyone reads Game Informer right?

    This is my favorite show, and I really do hope that they don't mess it up with a below par video game. But from what I've heard, its in reasonably good hands and everyone has high hopes for it!


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