New Toshiba TV Promises Glasses-Free 3D

Toshiba's got a $US10,000 TV at the big Consumer Electronics Show that can display glasses-free 3D — a la the Nintendo 3DS — for up to nine people, though four's optimal. Engadget says it'll be out by the end of March.


    Glasses free you say? Now I'm interested

    Whats the viewing angle like?
    Does it make your brain fail?

    Yup it's a fad that hasn't died since 1838. There has been 3D gaming kit continually supported since 1990s. Not going away.

    Im a recent 3d Convert actually. Just played through Uncharted 3 using 3D and it really made the game for me.

    I honestly think it adds a whole new dimension to the game :P

    With that said, I am pretty sure that the 3DS is going to give me a brain tooma. Much prefer glasses on 3D atm.

    glasses free up to 9 people i hear has a camera tracking eyes and shifts pixels and all that wicked stuff.. but i just recently heard that it only supports 3D in 720p which is a bummer.. must have to do with glasses free? But it is a step in the right direction.

    Oh yeah don't forget this TV is 4k resolution too.. :)

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