New Toshiba TV Promises Glasses-Free 3D

New Toshiba TV Promises Glasses-Free 3D

Toshiba’s got a $US10,000 TV at the big Consumer Electronics Show that can display glasses-free 3D — a la the Nintendo 3DS — for up to nine people, though four’s optimal. Engadget says it’ll be out by the end of March.


  • Yup it’s a fad that hasn’t died since 1838. There has been 3D gaming kit continually supported since 1990s. Not going away.

  • Im a recent 3d Convert actually. Just played through Uncharted 3 using 3D and it really made the game for me.

    I honestly think it adds a whole new dimension to the game 😛

    With that said, I am pretty sure that the 3DS is going to give me a brain tooma. Much prefer glasses on 3D atm.

  • glasses free up to 9 people i hear has a camera tracking eyes and shifts pixels and all that wicked stuff.. but i just recently heard that it only supports 3D in 720p which is a bummer.. must have to do with glasses free? But it is a step in the right direction.

    Oh yeah don’t forget this TV is 4k resolution too.. 🙂

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