Next Skyrim Patch Might Fix PS3 "Lag" Issue

If you bought Skyrim on PS3, you've likely experienced one of the most frustrating technical hiccups of 2011: a gradually increasing "lag" which slows your game the longer you play it.

It's been weeks since the game was first released and developers Bethesda have said little on the critical issue, but a fix might finally be at hand. The company's Twitter account has said that the PS3 lag is something the company is "addressing" in the upcoming 1.4 patch for the game.

Whether this actually fixes the problem or just alleviates it remains to be seen. But there's no harm in hoping!

Bethesda [Twitter]


    "It’s been weeks since the game was first released"

    Weeks? It's been 2 months now. I don't know what's sadder- the fact that it's taken 2 months to possibly fix the numerous problems with the game, or the fact that it's been handed numerous GotY awards.

    Games like this are what's wrong with the industry. It's only giving developers even more incentive to be lazy with their games and not playtest them and then ask for their GotY award. It's a shame because I remember when you'd buy a game and it was a quality product, no bugs, no patches, none of that. Just a game that worked with no hiccups. Funny because this wasn't even 10 years ago...

      Ten years ago you didn't have the amount of variables, physics, possible outcomes of AI that Skyrim has. It's ludicrous to act like you did. This game has so much shit in it, and you're acting like it's easily fixed and only because of laziness on the part of the developer. Not to mention that aside from this lag issue, Skyrim has been relatively bug-free, at least to a playable extent, when you compare it to FO3, NV or Oblivion.

      Bethesda have just had holidays, not to mention they're rushing the CK to get that out on its promised January release. They have a lot on their plate, give them a freaking break.

        When someone isn't doing their job right again and again and again, you don't give them a break. You tell them to pull their head out and start getting it right.

          It is so very easy to instruct someone to pull their finger out (if you will.)

          Although it indicates that you are possessed of little comprehension of how gigantic this piece of software is. I daresay you've never attempted to build your own game.

          As a PS3 player i'm not beyond feeling let down. But the truth is, this is par for the course in any Bethesda game. I've found that creating new save files at least buys time before the problem renders the game unplayable.

          My fingers are crossed that this patch will level the experience between the console platforms.

            So because this sort of thing is 'par for the course' for Bethesda, it's OK? I'd be a lot more concerned by the fact a developer as large and well funded as Bethesda releases games in such a state and somehow people are OK with it.

            It should be the complete opposite, but because it's Bethesda, and it's Elder Scrolls, we'll forgive them. And as for the 'have you ever tried to make a game like this?' don't even try. This is a large developer with a ton of expertise and experience in creating games, and are likely not short of a quid. That's a cop out.

            It's a piss poor effort, end of story.

              Please let me agree that it's unacceptable.

              Certain issues in Skyrim taint the game almost beyond repair. However bearing in mind the scope of the game and how gigantic it is, certain anomolies are sure to arise.

              My biggest source of anger is the fact that at least thousands of ps3 players are not getting the full experience the game promises.

              Historically though, Bethesda are notorious for this. It reminds me of driving an old supercar, it will break down but is possessed of a certain charisma you can't find anywhere else.

              I don't aim to justify their lack of effort in fixing the issue though. Certainly not.

              Piss-poor effort? This game has by far the least amount of problems in Bethesda's history of releases! Go back to Fallout 3's launch, or Oblivion's launch, the game had so many problems at those points. At least they're improving their efforts.

              A game of this size and ambition will have problems. And no, the developers CANNOT simply wave a magic wand and figure all of them out and have them fixed before the deadline. They take WEEKS of finding out bugs, it takes ages to find a viable solution and testing that solution to see if it affects any of the zillion other variables in the game that could cause a crash or savegame corruption or anything like that. I don't know if you have ever been involved in developing anything for a game but there are just so many things that can go wrong when you try to address a problem like this, and when it's a game like Skyrim it's so much more time-consuming than fixing a bug in a game like CoD. It's just so ignorant to act as if it's a simple thing that can easily be fixed by mere human will. It takes SO MUCH more than that.

              Have some goddamn respect for Christ's sake. Acting like it's just pathetic that they don't have these things fixed in an instant is pathetic in itself, and you're acting like Bethesda are the only game developers who would botch something up like this. Bethesda are very experienced and have a ridiculous amount of resources, so they're probably one of the most qualified teams to knock over a problem like this. Any other developer would take much longer to fix a problem like this.

              Yes, it's a big problem. Yes, it needs to be fixed. But it doesn't justify insulting the developers when they're working their hardest on these things and to add to that copping abuse from the millions of whimpering people who play the game.


                Thank you for confirming my point of view.

                This isn't bejeweled, it's a fucking masterpiece. Try even writing the smallest segment of code, see how hard you fail and then look at what they do with games like TES or FO.

                Dev's shouldn't be damned by ignorant consumers who expect everything to perfect because they forked out a pittance for an undeniably brilliant effort.

                  [quote]Dev’s shouldn’t be damned by ignorant consumers who expect everything to perfect because they forked out a pittance for an undeniably brilliant effort.[/quote]

                  Yeah, this. People keep acting like they're the developer's boss getting them to keep working, when in actual fact they've spent like 80 dollars on a freaking computer game. It's not the end of the bloody world.

                  "Try even writing the smallest segment of code, see how hard you fail and then look at what they do with games like TES or FO."

                  I love it when people say stuff like this because it's the biggest load of crap ever and one of the worst retorts this side of "I know you are but what am I?". You don't have to be a marksman to know when someone misses the target.

                  If Bethesda prove time and time again that the scale of their games is too much for them to maintain a decent level of quality control then they need to scale back or invest in more efficient QC methods. Simple as that.

                  No one is expecting perfection, just a competent level of quality control which is far from an unfair thing to expect.

      Skyrim Happens to be a well deserved Contender for Game of the year awards. I think that the fact that Bethesda are even willing to try and give hardware that is as old as the PS3 (Nearly 5 years since launch) a game such as Skyrim Deserves massive praise on their part. Maybe instead of complaining about them working their butts off to keep old hardware alive, you should stop be getting yourself something that has no problem running the game. Stop blaming a brilliant developer and blame your old Hardware.

        "the fact that Bethesda are even willing to try and give hardware that is as old as the PS3 (Nearly 5 years since launch) a game such as Skyrim Deserves massive praise on their part"

        The Xbox 360 is just as old, if not older than the PS3, and its version seems to have less issues. That is blatant laziness right there if they didn't bother to test the PS3 version and are still trying to patch it 2 months after release. If this happens with a game, the developer seriously needs to get their act together. It doesn't matter how big or how hyped up the game is, it is simply unacceptable.

        "Stop blaming a brilliant developer and blame your old Hardware."

        And yet people who own the PC version are also having problems? Supposedly they were able to modify their files so Skyrim can address 4GB of memory instead of 2GB, only to have Bethesda "fix" it so you cannot do that anymore. The hardware is indeed there for the PC version (a PC that could run Skyrim would thrash a console), but Bethesda chooses not to utilise it.

          Sorry Sam, I don't think you understand the QA process. The QA people get (a usually incomplete) version of the game, and are instructed to, as well as spend some time playing the game how it was intended to be played, try all the batshit crazy random ass things they can do try and discover the more obscure and less easy to find bugs. Needless to say, spending 60+ hours on a single save file is counterproductive to this 'try as many things as you can' . This bug was an anomaly, largely undetectable by QA, and deals with how the engine of the game interacts with the PS3 hardware. It's not a case where someone declared an int when it should have been a float.

          Also, 'fixing' the 4GB (large address awareness) exploit was necessary because Bethesda made the same (or similar) change so that the game by itself was large address aware IE you didn't need to mod it anymore, Bethesda ingrained it into the game. This is an example of GOOD response to the community, not trying to restrict them.

    I got 48 hours into this game and loved (almost) every minute of it. My save file started lagging irrepairably once it got over about 6-7mb, and was 9.9mb last time I looked at it. I played that 48 hours in the first week, and then stopped playing it in disgust.

    Traded it in several weeks later.

      That's what happens when you use 5yr old technology to play cutting edge games...

        Without getting hostile towards such comments, I'll suffice to say that PS3 hardware is more than capable of playing Skyrim. The issue at hand is how it was not written to use the PS3 hardware effectively. Blame a poor port of an amazing game - blame the developers.

          Give this guy a prize as he is among the few that actually gets it.

          At the end of the day, does not matter what the platform is or how old it is. If the game is not built to fit it is going to sink.

          Actually - the current theory is that the problem is due to the PS3's architecture - it just can't handle the number of changes the game can introduce (and retain). Might explain why Bethesda is having so much trouble fixing it.

      wahhh wahhh waahhhhh... don't like it don't play it... or better yet get it on pc or xbox.. 0 problems over here lol...

        0 problems? In a Bethesda game? Regardless of platform, I THINK NOT.

    Has there been any kind of date for the patch yet? I'm dying for the creation tool.

    Looked at skyedit and had flash backs to modding minecraft. Gimme gimme docs, thanks.

    Hopefully this will all be sorted out by the time the GOTY edition is released.

    While this is good news, it does seem like it's been a long time coming. It is a very good game, but reaching the point where it becomes unplayable due to lag is not a good way to put a game down. :/

    Hopefully this fixes it, but my Skyrim hype died down a long time ago.

    Hmmm, might? Is this a magic patch?

    Has anyone heard of the glitch in the thieves guild where you can't speak to Maven after the bee house burning mission?

    My game is stuck there, and that's it....I can never continue with the thieves guild.

      My GF has a similar issue with the quest tree for the mages guild. Her play through freezes whenever she tries to enter a certain dungeon to retrieve books in the "hitting the books" quest, because she'd already cleared that dungeon before picking up the quest.

      It's a shame for such a great game.

      It smacks of the Skyward Sword glitch, Nintendo fixed that. Hoping Bethesda can follow suit.

    If only we could go back in TIME DUCKS

    Are people seriously wondering why Bethesda has faile to iron out an individual glitch affecting a single platform when they have been hunting bugs since release across three?
    Anyone want to tell Bethesda why they should have anticipated dragons flying backward?
    As this is an issue that affects one version of the game and whether it's down to architecture or programming, Bethesda are actually following up and fixing the issue, as they did with Oblivion and Fallout 3.
    Be glad they're doing it.

      (thumbs up)

      Yes, I'm immensly grateful for them releasing a patch that "might" fix a problem that makes the game I paid $90 for unplayable.

    i got rid of my ps3 copy and got the pc version, was happy with the turn out

    After my ps3 save file got rendered unplayable, i tried updating to 1.3, tried all the 'fixes' suggested online and got nowhere.

    So i did the smart thing - pirated it for PC. The only disappointing thing is that JB won't accept my ps3 skyrim trade in because SO MANY OTHER PEOPLE have ditched the game.

    Does anyone know if the new patch has fixed the problem where the writing on right hand side of tv screen is cut off and some stuff on left side of screen too ??? I've read this is a problem in other parts of the game too, but on starting game & making charachter, i could not read all the writing...will updating the patch resolve this issue plz ??

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