'Nintendo Must Stop Living In The Past'

What happened in the business of video games this past week...

QUOTE | "Nintendo must stop living in the past." — Michael Pachter, Wedbush Securities analyst looking at the Wii U's design and how it is going to make their launch difficult.

QUOTE | "I think I'd be disappointed if Kotaku didn't change." — Brian Crecente, former editor-in-chief of Kotaku, on what he expects will happen to Kotaku now that he's gone.

QUOTE | "Outlets are losing traction or credibility or their sheen, and we'd like to pick it up." — Chris Grant, former editor-in-chief of Joystiq, talking about how the new Vox Games site will be trying to become the world's largest gaming site.

STAT | 42,648 — Number of PS Vita units sold in Japan in its third week, down from 72,479 units in the second week and 321,000 units sold in the first two days.

STAT | 8 per cent - Amount the Japanese game market revenue fell in 2011 versus 2010, from numbers reported in Japan's leading game magazine Famitsu.

QUOTE | "The key challenge is to bring back consumer excitement around the Sony and PlayStation brand." — David Cole of DFC Intelligence on what Sony has to do to succeed in 2012.

QUOTE | "Our team will be eating, sleeping and breathing Tomb Raider." — Crystal Dynamics community manager Meagan Marie talking about the new Tomb Raider and the exciting new IP Crystal Dynamics is working on.

QUOTE | "It's a tough, bleak world for new sites." — Industry veteran Douglas Perry on the challenges that Vox Games will face despite hiring a "super team" of journalists.

QUOTE | "We view the early success of Star Wars as an indication of a healthy MMO market." — Baird Equity Research's Colin Sebastian, talking about early numbers on Star Wars: The Old Republic's subscribers.

QUOTE | "Free-to-play is the new frontier of western game development." — Robin Kaminsky, former Activision VP looking at how the game industry is shifting towards this business model.

QUOTE | "God of War IV (upcoming)." - Timothy Williams, game composer, inadvertently revealing on a resume the new game in the works.

STAT | 1 Million — Number sold of three different Nintendo 3DS titles in the USA in 2011, closing out the year strongly for the 3DS.

This Week in the Business courtesy of IndustryGamers.com.

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    Pachter is a goddam moron

      Someones an angry fanboy.

      Well yeah, he's an analyst...it's his job to be a moron.

      It's not even multitouch, and OnLive has already proved that you can run the amazing WiiU steaming tech on Iphones... without having to be within range of the console...

        OnLive won't exactly be a viable option for many countries anytime soon.

        Not a very informed comment
        What do you think the cost of a new ipphone or ipad will be - a lttle more than a WiiU probably?
        And won't the Ipad need to connect to the tV with a HDMI cable.
        Not exactly not being in range of the console?????
        The ipad would be the console connected by HDMI to the TV.

    WHEN did this happen?

    QUOTE | “I think I’d be disappointed if Kotaku didn’t change.” — Brian Crecente, former editor-in-chief of Kotaku, on what he expects will happen to Kotaku now that he’s gone.

    I love people predicting Nintendo's demise year after year while they continue to smash sales records.

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