No More Resistances, Says Insomniac CEO [Updated]

No More Resistances, Says Insomniac CEO [Updated]

Games are wont to end as trilogies. Going by Gears of War, Mass Effect, Halo and countless others, you could say it’s an unwritten law. Much like The Dude, Insomniac’s PlayStation-exclusive Resistance franchise will abide, with CEO Ted Price informing VG247 that the developer “won’t be making any more Resistances”.

This, by the way, is total fine by me, as Insomniac’s currently working on its co-op shooter Overstrike. If there’s anything I love, it’s co-op games — as long as they can handle mixing narrative with gameplay. Considering the second player in Resistance and Resistance 3‘s co-op modes is essentially ignored, I don’t see it being an issue.

Despite having sold 385,000 copies in the same time it’s taken Resistance 3 to hit 180,000, I skipped over Resistance 2 due to its lack of a proper co-op campaign. I did however play the third game from start to finish with my brother in tow and while it was enjoyable, I’m having trouble remembering any stand out experiences.

It also had its fair share of bugs — during co-op, one of us would often get caught on the wrong side of the transition doors that split up levels and scripted NPCs had a habit of halting mid-mission, forcing us to reload from the last checkpoint.

To summarise, I got the impression playing Resistance 3 that Insomniac had taken the series as far as it could go… perhaps a bit too far. I say let it rest.

Update: Ted Price posted a video message explaining the decision (thanks NotoriousR). Basically, the studio feels the story has reached its natural conclusion, as far as it’s concerned, but that doesn’t rule out it being taken further by other developers.

Insomniac: We won’t be making any more Resistances [VG247, via Gamasutra]


    • “Games are wont to end as trilogies.”

      Oh, Really?

      Did you mean “Games are meant to end as trilogies.”?
      or “Games all want to end as trilogies.”?

        • Exactly.
          If you’re going to call someone out on their spelling/grammar/choice of words, make damn sure you’re correct first.

          • I, for one, wish to disassociate myself with these heathens you speak of. I knew wont was a real word. 😛

          • I <3 Logan for using an apparently unknown word. I love 'wont'!

            Also, sorry guys, but Halo was a trilogy. It's getting a sequel trilogy. Like how Star Wars has had two trilogies, tv shows, a christmas special, tv movies and an animated movie.

            There was the Halo trilogy, the RTS spinoff, the preque and coming soon: The Reclaimer trilogy.

          • The way I read it was “Game series have a tendency to end after the third game”, which is why I thought Halo shouldn’t be on that list, because of the spin-off, prequel and sequel trilogy that came out/are coming out after the third game 🙂

          • You have my apologies Logan. I read it as “won’t”. You could’ve just used the word accustomed instead of showing your age :p

  • Resistance 3’s problem really was that it got lost in the shuffle. So many other shooters released around it that it was always going to struggle. Deus Ex was just before it, Gears 3 was just after it and Space Marine in the same week. Plus a lot of people got burned by Resistance 2 which was a seriously disappointing game.

  • It’s possibly because Resistance was a C grade shooter being touted as an A grade game. It really was not that good. There’s far better on the ps3. Far better.

    • Yeah, I always struggled to understand what gap in Sony’s lineup Resistance was supposed to fill. They’ve already got an epic sci-fi FPS franchise in Killzone, and it’s a damn good one. Resistance always seemed a bit redundant to me.

  • Wow, worst intro line ever! As for that comment about Halo being a trilogy, I think you’re a bit off the mark there, Logan. They said we were ‘finishing the fight with Halo 3’ and last year they announced that they were going to continue on the story and franchise with Halo 4.

  • The Dude abides.. The Dude abides. Leaving on a high note, loved resi 3 had a great time. Insomniac know when to quit. lol @ halo

  • Curious as to how many apparent spelling know-it-alls the first sentence can continue to pull in, only to be shown otherwise. Nicely done 🙂 For Mass Effect, an MMO would be nice! The setting/universe has so much damn potential.

  • I am equally bemused and amused by the reactions to your opening sentence.

    Logan, keep up the good writing and perhaps you’ll help educate these nay sayer game players.

  • Resistance rocks, it’s the best (exclusive) FPS series on PS3 – and since the only other real contender is Killzone, it’s admittedly a close call.
    Resistance’s emphasis on brilliant weapons, art style and level design is why it’s good. Yes, Resistance 2 had it’s shabby bits but so do most games.
    Insomniac obviously listened to the fans and ditched the regenerating health, the two-weapon system, and the endless wandering through dark tunnels for 3, and for that, I hugely respect them.
    Also, I love arguing with Halo fans over which is better. i don’t actually care which is – but they do, and that’s why I enjoy it.

  • In the video T Price states that Nihilistic Software is now creating future Resistance games.

    Resistance 3 was awesome I thought. One of my favourite games of last year, a real return to form for Insomniac. The same can’t be said for R&C All 4 One though.

  • I must be the ONLY one who really enjoyed Resi 2. I thought it was a huge improvement over the first, and somehow more engaging then 3.

    • I’m with you. LOVED Resistance 2 (Campaign and also the AWESOME Co-op mode it had), but Resistance 1 and 3 were both very average

  • Did not sell as well because most people hate online passes and resistance 3 was the first to have a psn pass attached to it.

  • Thanks Logan. I learnt a new word! Well, I’ve always known it but I’ve only ever seen it spelt as want. Turns out it’s the same pronunciation.
    You do a good job. That’s why you’re employed at Kotaku and these people aren’t. =D

  • I only tried Resistance 3 demo over the weekend & I really enjoyed it. The setting & characters were a nice change from the military/space wankfests. No regenerating health & more than 2 weapons should be in ALL fps games these days!!!
    I respect Insomniac for ending the trilogy rather than raping it George Lucas style (Halo says hi!) More devs should think this way.

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