Nyko Parades PlayStation Vita Performance Enhancers At CES

Nyko Parades PlayStation Vita Performance Enhancers At CES

Nyko never met a console or portable it couldn’t make a ton of additional crap for, and the upcoming PlayStation Vita is no different. At CES 2012 in Las Vegas the peripheral maker debuts its launch lineup of Vita accessories.

Accessories like the Power Grip, a rechargeable battery pack that boasts three times the battery life of Sony’s own Vita battery, adding an ergonomically designed elongated grip to the unit in the process. Doesn’t sound like too bad a deal for $US24.99, even if it does make the system look slightly ridiculous. Hell, for three times the battery life I’d mod it to look like a Virtual Boy.

Flip through the gallery to check out the rest of Nyko’s PlayStation Vita lineup, from the $US5 game case to the $US30 speaker stand. They’ll all be available when the Vita launches next month, so it won’t have to be naked for long.

Game Case Pro for PS Vita
Slim protective case for PS Vita games and memory cards, it’s half the size of standard cases so it’s Ideal for travel and gaming on the go. The Game Case Pro holds 10 PS Vita games and four memory cards, in a translucent design which allows for easy viewing of game cards.

Available at Vita Launch $US4.99.

Power Armor Kit for PS Vita
It features five accessories to charge, protect and clean your new PS Vita. The Starter Kit features a hard armour case to keep your system safe, plus an AC charger, a car charger, a USB Cable to transfer files and a cleaning cloth. This bundle has everything you need for PS Vita, all in one place!

Available at Vita Launch – $US29.99.

Power Kit for PS Vita
Keep your Vita juiced up, recharge on the go, and never miss a moment of the action. The Power Kit features a 3-in-1 charging solution, letting you use AC, car or USB. No matter where you are, Power Kit for PS Vita will keep you in the game.

Available at Vita Launch – $US19.99.

Speaker Stand for PS Vita
The Power Stand for PS Vita is a powered speaker that doubles as a charging dock. The stereo sound makes it perfect for movies and music, while the line-in jack accommodates iPods and other devices. Its sleek aesthetic matches the Vita, which snaps securely onto the dock. This curvaceous stand is the perfect way to charge your handheld overnight.

Available at Vita Launch – $US29.99.


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