Old Republic Lets You Dance Your Way Out Of Trouble

Want to see the best exploit of 2012 (so far?) Look no further than new MMO Star Wars: Old Republic, which literally lets you dance your way out of trouble.

If you're being attacked by anything, from the lowliest enemy to the grandest boss, all you need to do is start dancing - triggered by typing /getdown - and it'll interrupt their attacks, leaving you invulnerable.

Game-breaking. And hilarious.

Let The Wookiee Waltz — SWTOR's God-Cheat [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    Finally, a REASON for my distubingly excessive dancing!

    They need a dance emote that starts a dance battle of some sort, like a duel but with dancing.

    Haha vanguard for the win! I'm totally going to do this now..

    I'd try it but oh wait maintenance lol :(

      Mate servers have been up for over 2 hours now, subscribe to their twitter feed. Maintenance was done fast :-)

    Always someone looking for a way to exploit something.

    ooo, they so need dance off's , maybe I might play the game.

    New's tommorow you've been banned for dancing.

    SWTOR is turning into footloose.

    People are already being banned for this exploit. It may be wrong to abuse it, but soon there will be no one left playing SWTOR if BioWare keep their frame of mind.

      The biggest issue is that all these exploit's are bioware's fault.

      Fixing the chest exploit is as simple as making sure you can't loot those chests until your the appropriate level.

      And this could be easily fixed too.

      If people are exploiting issues in your games then fix them, don't ban them.

      Essentially the only message they are sending is don't do anything, because we may deem it an exploit and then we will ban you

        If you exploit, you deserve to get banned. You're aware that what you're doing is abusing a bug, so you need to dry your eyes and suck it up when you get banned.

        Refer to Paragon being banhammered by Blizzard.

    Why does 'Jungle Boogi' come to mind when watching that ...

    The patch last night fixed this anyways, move along.

    its great cause his dance is lame as

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