One Reason You'll Like That Silly-Looking Pokémon Game


    That's one reason I won't like it since it'll involve the abomination that is everything after Gold, Silver and Crystal.

    Also, that's a solid article you wrote, Brian. You're a shoe in for a Pulitzer!

    But is it going to see release outside of Japan?

      That was my first thought when I heard about this game, I'm sure a lot of people would, but I dont even remember seeing a Nobunga's game released in english, so It looks doubtful.

        I played one once on PC. Back in the early nineties.

    Serious, how does Brian Ashcraft have a job?

      It's clear that KotakuUS has the lowest standards of any print or online publication on this planet.

        Adam, you always do this. Quit yo whining, and do something more productive. It kind of shows that you yourself aren't doing what you should be doing if you're too busy concentrating on other people.

        News isn't based on how many words you get on a page. IF you had 4,000 words consisting of why you love a blue crayon, you would have ''filler''. Being concise is all about saying a lot with few words, Ashcraft has done exactly that; he has delivered us news in bite size pieces. Now please, for future reference vent your frustrations elsewhere, because maybe this site isn't tailored for you.

          More productive? Like being payed to do a job but not actually doing it?

          Sure Brian doesn't need a 4,000 words for this article but wouldn't something like this be better kept to the KotakuUS twitter?

          Even better, can you find me another news website where there is a constant stream of "articles" that are less than four sentences?

            For what it's worth, I agree. Better to have a longer article with some substance rather than fact, fact, fact. I personally come to kotaku for the dry wit and the writer's opinions in conjunction with the news. I don't understand how Ashcroft can possibly be proud of his work when 9 times out of 10 I can write a comment that is longer than his whole damn article.

          And I will continue to do it, I would go to the US site and complain but it is the most poorly put together site I have ever seen plus I tried to complain on there and my comment kept getting deleted.

            So a consumer is not allowed to raise a complaint about a product he is consuming?

            I agree with you adam. Articles like this actually make me angry, as i click them to read a bit more about them and find nothing.

            Every day i am supprised ashcraft (and to a lesser extent, plunkett) still yave jobs

    God I wish I could be paid to write 2 sentences a day summarising other, better news sites.

    I suppose considering this game has my interest I'd like some information about it, and all I've got is a link to a previous article and that it has 200 pokemon.

    OK let's be honest I suspected it to have around 150 of em, so 50 more is meh news.

    I am intereted in this game, so I clicked the article and learned nothing of consequence of even enjoyed it. Perhaps the article should have been post poned until something more interesting arrives.

    I look forward to the this crossover as anything would be better than Pokemon Rumble Blast for the 3DS. I have heard that the One Piece/Ambition game did alright so maybe this game will be the "shake up" that most, but not all, Pokemon fans have wanted.

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