Opponents Say Megaupload Boss Cheated His Way To Video Game Glory

Opponents Say Megaupload Boss Cheated His Way To Video Game Glory

Kim Dotcom, the imprisoned mastermind behind busted file-sharing site Megaupload and, bizarrely, also the top-scoring killer on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, wasn’t always a showboating millionaire. He also ran a competitive video game league in the late-1990s. And was by all accounts a rather sore loser.

How sore? Like, banning from his league everyone who beat him at a game of first-person shooter Quake 2. That kind of sore loser.

After our original report on Dotcom went up over the weekend, we heard from old-time Quake 2 players who had encountered the billionaire when he was known online as “Kimble”. Using that handle, Dotcom — formerly Kim Schmitz — had become a relatively well-known personality among online PC gamers at the time, in part because he ran a Quake league called Liga.net.

In September 1998, PlanetQuake reported that Kimble, after losing a game against Immortal (at the time one of the world’s top players), became so upset he banned his opponent from the league, accusing him of using bots, a form of automated cheating. There are then reports from gamers complaining about Immortal’s banning were kicked to the curb right alongside him.

Those booted from Dotcom’s Liga.net of course claimed it was Kimble himself that had been cheating, because the other thing he was well-known for, regardless of whether it was true or not, was being a high-profile and notorious users of bots.

Going into more detail was one commenter in the original Modern Warfare 3 story from the weekend:

Back in the days of Quake 2 and the Barrysworld free server network, Dotcom used to troll the Rocket Arena 2 duel arenas as ‘www.kimble.org’ with an aimbot on his 6ms T1 line, raging people to the point that the entire server would clear, rather than put up with him. Then one day he was faced down and beaten by a girl-gamer on a shitty BT ISDN line – one on one, rail only. He raged so hard that he then dc’ed, looked up the player’s name up on Quake.net irc and DDoSed the b0rk.co.uk irc bouncer that she used offline. Having realised he’d accomplished nothing, he then proceeded to DDoS the entire Barrysworld server array for a week, out of petty vengeance for being made to look like a twat. He was a cheating shit now, so I’d very surprised if that #1 position is legit now, either. Take a browse through the PlanetQuake archives if you wanna see the other shit he pulled, like banning the people that beat him in the leagues he admined for liga.net. 100% twat material.

Then there’s this gem from a forum thread where a bunch of old Quake 2 players are reminiscing:

I remember him. I played him once on barrysworld (Yeh I’m that old :

While that “huge ego website” is long gone, if you’re curious, it featured pictures like this.

A final note: with this stuff taking place over a decade ago, and Dotcom currently cooling in a cell, we can’t get his side of the story.


  • OK, so the guy looks like a total douche. That said, are these unattributed anecdotes from website comments really sources to present?

    I mean, I don’t want to join the whole US vs. AU debate, but this is pretty egregiously poor journalism.

  • It always amazes me how no one seems to remember how big a douche someone is until after they’ve gotten in trouble for something. Then everyone all of a sudden remembers and feels the need to tell everybody. I mean hey, he does look like a bit of a dick – check the number plate on the Merc – knob-end for sure.

    But wouldn’t drawing attention to how big a dick someone is seem more relevant if it was said before they got in trouble? It’s like the media asking neighbours and friends about someone who was arrested for murder – ‘Oh I remember him, he always was a little bit odd. Once in high school he poked me with a pencil. Sociopathic behaviour for sure!’

    • ‘Oh I remember him, he always was a little bit odd. Once in high school he poked me with a pencil. Sociopathic behaviour for sure!’

      Brilliant! I’m going to have to steal this line for future use

    • You’re kidding, right? It isn’t a matter of ‘OH MAN THEY ONLY REMEMBERED NOW THAT HE’S ARRESTED COINCIDENCE MUCH’, it’s just suddenly relevant to gaming news sites, and by extension, you.
      This isn’t some big hidden secret about Kim. Many people knew, the story’s been told any number of times.
      This is just the first time YOU have heard it.

  • Oh come on, look at his lifestyle, his attitude to everything, how could he NOT be like this? He is like the personification of your MW3 douche bag, with his “Mega mansion”, half a dozen Mercedes, photos of him with scantily clad girls hanging off him.

  • does this guy remind anyone else of jabba the hutt? because thats all i see in his appearance and attitude haha

  • I’m not overly surprised that the news papers have been running what appears to be some kind of smear campaign about just how rich this guy was and how much of a dickhead he was.

    But I am surprised that Kotaku is.

    So the guy was a douchebag who made a shit load of money, congratulations you’ve accurately described 80% of successful business owners. If you’re gonna do a smear campaign try and find some information that paints him as a criminal instead of just a common slob who got lucky.

  • He’s like some kind of Kyle Sandilands with half a brain. It’s always the same with these blokes.
    When they’re on top everyone wants a piece of the action
    Then they get busted for something and all the dirt starts to come out
    then when they die they’re hailed as some great entrepreneur who changed the world.
    Usually they’re just scumbags, cough cough Pratt

  • Why are we talking about the man? Of course he was a complete douche, but the point made is that a man who hosted a file sharing website was arrested for piracy. FOR PIRACY. It’s about the charges, not the accused.

    • I didn’t check the journalist’s name until I finished reading. When I finished I thought ‘I bet this is plunkett’. I’m kind of sad that I was right 🙁

      I don’t know when this guy became such a big failure. I never remember him writing so badly in the past, it’s only been in the last six months or so. It’s like he looked at bashcraft’s horrible writing and was like ‘you know, I can probably do worse’

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