OzHadou Nationals Open For Pre-Registration

Ever wondered how local gamers get sent to Las Vegas to represent Australia at the international gaming tournament, EVOLUTION (EVO)? One of the stepping-stones is OzHadou's national tournament, an annual fighting game institution that kicks off its 10th year in Sydney this February.

In the run-up to EVO, which takes place in Vegas in July, various tournaments are held all over the world where players compete for qualifying points. The OzHadou Nationals is one such tournament where qualifying points can be earned. The competition runs over three days from February 17-19 and everyone is welcome to enter.

The game line-up for 2012 includes Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Soul Calibur 5, and King of Fighters XIII. Players will also be able to compete in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, although EVO qualification points are not rewarded for that category. Side tournaments and casual play will also be made available for those who want to attend but aren't quite ready to face the tough competition.

We'll be sure to write a reminder post in the lead-up to the event to make sure that no one forgets, but if you're keen to pre-register, registration is now open.


WHAT? OzHado Nationals 10 WHEN? 17, 18, 19 February 2012 WHERE? The Red Room, Level 1, 99 York St, Sydney NSW 2000 BUT WHAT IF I DON'T LIVE IN SYDNEY? GOSH WHY IS EVERYTHING ALWAYS IN SYDNEY I HATE SYDNEY SO MUCH SYDNEY SYDNEY SYDNEY I AM FROM ADELAIDE OR SOMETHING? They hold regional tournaments, too! REGISTRATION? Yes, registration! You should do that. You should do that right here! FEES? There is an entry fee because these things cost money to run! They also give away a fair amount of prizes during the event. If you register before February 6 it will be $35 to compete and $15 to spectate and take part in casual play. Fees go up to $50 and $30 respectively after February 6.


    Even more great news, I will be there... :D *Cricket sounds*

      woohooo we finally get to meet up =D

        For you it will be the greatest day of your life, for me... it will be Friday.
        I kid! I am looking forward to it Harli! =b


    "Flight money will be raised for the winners and runner ups in the following tournaments." I noticed than on the Adelaide and Perth tournament threads. Pretty damn cool of them to do that.

      Noticed that*

    "They hold regional tournaments, too!"

    Except some of them are already over =(

    YAY EXC355UM! (this is being said as when you see EXX355UM you will feel like running, You shall see why)

      Haha, nah man, I'm friendly as!! Hope to see you there bro.
      @Grim: There is still a regional in Melbourne coming up! :D

    Where's 3S OE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'll be there with me Wii controller if anyone wants a game of sports resort

      Yeh man im in. I'll be the one with a ryu shirt on.

    Everybody that has the slightest interest in fighting games in the Sydney area should get along to this event.

    And if you're not from Sydney area check out the regionals thread and be sure to rock up for your chance to win flights to OHNX. :D

    Help support our national scene so we can do bigger and better things <3

      Yeah I only just picked up UMvC3 and I'm keen to see some high level play.

      gunna b hot

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