PC Gamers, Remember The Name Castle Story

Sauropod, a two-man indie studio from Canada, is working on this interesting little PC game called Castle Story.

It's a seemingly simple strategy game where players control a team of little yellow men who can build a castle from the surrounding countryside. LEGO Stronghold, if you will.

What's cool is that it isn't just an idle building game. The aim is to build a castle that can withstand attacks from creatures and other players, so you're going to have to think cute and practical.

With Sauropod fresh out of game design studies, things are in the very early stages.

Sauropod Studio [Official Site — thanks to everyone who sent this in!]


    not bad, looks pretty good, I will keep a look out for it

    This looks cool, saw it on reddit earlier this evening. I could get into this =)

    I'm looking forward to a more complete version of this. It's tweaked my interest well and truly.

    This could become the greatest game ever made.

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