PC Overclockers, You Can Now Insure Your CPU

If you've ever fried an expensive CPU trying to overclock the thing, you should check this out. Intel is introducing something called the Performance Tuning Plan, which in plain English means overclocking insurance.

Yes, for $US20-$35 your Core i-whatever processor can be covered against you screwing up an overclock, with a one-time condition that your CPU can be replaced entirely. Brand new.

The PTP is currently in a pilot phase at the moment, available for a six month span. As PC Gamer notes, though, serious overclockers are more likely to crap out something on the motherboard rather than the CPU itself.

Intel introduces overclocking insurance [PC Gamer]


    Or you could save yourself $35 and just not be a complete retard. Damaging a CPU through overclocking is ridiculously hard to do.

    Yeah id have to agree witht hat Esposch, hard to do with todays mobos. Not only that I dunno but its barely worth it. Stock cpu games just fine.

    Should be noted that it is not actually an insurance policy but rather a stupidly expensive extended warranty...

    The CPU would have to be over volted beyond reasonable boundaries for an OC to be the root cause of a failure. CPU's fail due to an existing issue, or motherboard failure. Which will usually rear it's head in the first 12 minutes let alone 12 months of regular a warranty.

    I have never understood the obsession with overclocking. Wow ... get another 5% increase in performance from a piece of hardware that already costs decent money because its HIGH END technology. People always want more ... always. I feel kind of sorry for them.

      Why not get the most out of what you paid for?

      overclocking allows you to take a regular CPU and make it an extreme trip and you can easily get way more then 5% i took my 2.66 ghz i7 920 to 4.2 ghz stable for like 2 years now. it means i can render etc faster for avid and photoshop everything opens and processes very quickly when combined with my solidstate well worth it. most people dont go and drop money on the most expensive of everything unless they are idiots you get reasonable and overclock the shit out of it and then chill it.

        yeah, that's all good and well in a case like yours (where you might as well just push it and see what you get), but I am talking about brand new hardware, that's either MID-HIGH end or HIGH END. Go look at reviews for the 7970. What is in EVERY review for it? Overclocking potential. Yeah ... like the worlds fastest single GPU, for around $750 - $800, wasn't enough.

          Well because it isn't enough for some. Just because it's the "fastest" doesn't mean it will run max settings for everyone. If you can safely overclock something to save yourself $300-700, why not do it?

            You wont save yourself $300 - $700 by overclocking. The gains are nowhere near as good as the result of what you can achieve by using two of the same product (SLI or CROSSFIRE), and if its a CPU then you might save yourself $100 at the very most by buying a less expensive model and then overclocking it (there isn't THAT MUCH of a price jump in this category, aside from the ridiculously overpriced 'x' series). And what about the temperatures? These products aren't designed to cook when people overclock these things to the ridiculous, in some cases drastically reducing the lifespan of the product (there is a reason why the companies who MAKE these products have sold them at specification). Are you going to argue water cooling? Well, that's just wasted the $100 you tried to save yourself by overclocking (not to mention that if it ever leaks, then you have a dead system on your hands). One step forward and one step back, IMO. Its still not what its cracked up to be. But that's OK ... each to their own, I guess.

    and besides, the biggest jumps in performance is architecture to architecture ... not from one clock speed to another.
    Here is a perfect example of how useless an overclock is: http://www.legitreviews.com/article/1722/10/
    Lame. By taking a stock i7 2600K @ 3.4GHz, and then overclocking it to 5.2GHz (almost an increase by 2 GHz), you get to shave a whole 4 seconds in rendering time in ADOBE, an extra 6 FPS in encoding, and extra WHOPPING 1 FPS jump in ALIENS vs PREDATOR!! Yep, I'm convinced that overclocking is really worth it ... not. How is that saving you $300 - $700?

      You are a complete and utter twat. It doesn't affect you in any way shape or form. Do you also try to treat people who go for 100% in games when it's not necessary to finish the game? How about those that add to homes they buy with no intention to sell?

        I'm no more of a 'complete and utter twat' than you are. Yeah, I took it further than necessary ... but are you really going to stand there and tell me you've never had a disapproving opinion of something, or that you haven't judged someone else? Get off the cross, you bleeding heart martyr, because they need the damn wood. Every single person judges others, and we've been built that way through evolution, so that we can discern if something is safe, hostile, or otherwise. You name called and judged me (personally and directly) when I never did that to anyone else; I was just generalising. Stop acting like you love the world and everything in it; you're no better than I am.

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