Persona Like You've Never Seen It Before

When you think of Japanese role-playing game Persona, you probably don't think of this. Spotted at the Tokyo Auto Salon by sister site Gizmodo Japan, this is a customised Audi S5 ita-sha. It is covered in Persona 4 decals and has gullwing doors.

You will never forget this. Never.

Audi S5がペルソナ4の痛車になってた [Gizmodo Japan]


    Why Pink? It should be yellow. P3 was green, P4 was yellow and Catherine was Pink. Not exactly rocket science.

      I played P3P as a girl so I forgot P3 was green themed.... Everything was pink LOL

    And why have multiple Rise's when you don't have Yosuke/Naoto/Kanji on it..?

      mabye Rise was his fave character?

        I'd think so. It explains the pink. ._.

        Rise's my favourite character too.

    Onoes. Colours are wrong. Colour scheme does not adhere to exact color schemes for game X. *nerd rage*

    Really? It's Persona 4 THEMED. Relax fella, you need a rest, guy.

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