Petition For PC Dark Souls Actually Has Legs; Will Namco Listen?

“Internet petitions” rank right up there with /”zillion dollar Xbox Live DLC” on my list of favourite subjects. We could spend all day writing about them, and they’re still worth the paper they are printed on*. That said, a drive to get Dark Souls ported to the PC has traction, thanks to a Namco Bandai representative’s comment to the community.

An admin on Namco’s forums proposed that a huge petition demanding a PC Dark Souls would indicate proper enough demand to get his shop moving. So the Internet is calling his bluff, with a petition signed by 38,000 as of this writing.

Is that enough indication of market demand for a PC version of the game? Could Namco make money if it sold a copy to everyone who signed the petition so far? Does everyone who signed this petition intend to buy a copy for themselves instead of pirating it? Has admin shoupinou shot off his mouth and will he face the wrath of his employer and/or the Internet when Dark Souls is ultimately not released for the PC?

Who cares! Sign the damn thing. It should have been on PC anyway.

*Internet petitions are not printed on paper.

Dark Souls for PC [Petition Bureau]

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