Petition For PC Dark Souls Actually Has Legs; Will Namco Listen?

"Internet petitions" rank right up there with "zillion dollar Xbox Live DLC" on my list of favourite subjects. We could spend all day writing about them, and they're still worth the paper they are printed on*. That said, a drive to get Dark Souls ported to the PC has traction, thanks to a Namco Bandai representative's comment to the community.

An admin on Namco's forums proposed that a huge petition demanding a PC Dark Souls would indicate proper enough demand to get his shop moving. So the Internet is calling his bluff, with a petition signed by 38,000 as of this writing.

Is that enough indication of market demand for a PC version of the game? Could Namco make money if it sold a copy to everyone who signed the petition so far? Does everyone who signed this petition intend to buy a copy for themselves instead of pirating it? Has admin shoupinou shot off his mouth and will he face the wrath of his employer and/or the Internet when Dark Souls is ultimately not released for the PC?

Who cares! Sign the damn thing. It should have been on PC anyway.

*Internet petitions are not printed on paper.

Dark Souls for PC [Petition Bureau]


    Why 'should' it have been on PC : /
    Don't get me wrong, I'll quite possibly by it again for PC to support both From Software and PC gaming in general if it happens, but I don't see why it really needs to be released on PC, the first thing I'd do is plug in my PS3 pad to play, so other than it looking prettier I can't see what's wrong with it being a console game, hell the multiplayer setup and control schemes lend themselves to consoles over PC.

    If it's released on PC:

    1. Everyone will be crying about a stupid consolised experience waaaaaaa
    2. It will be pirated into the ground by people wanting to have a "full game length demo" because "I've heard it's ridiculously hard and sometimes cheap, so I want to see if my rig will run it/I'll actually play it more than 5 minutes/check to see if it feels like a console game in any way" before buying it - which, most of the time, won't then happen anyway.
    3. Company bleeds money due to producing a product for only 38,000 sales. Which is nothing.

    Besides which, what's this sense of entitlement regarding games needing to be released on PC? Maybe a developer has decided that consoles better suit their product - good to see a company developing solely for consoles.

      Side note, simply because this whole idea has irked me:

      Taken directly from the petition:

      A port may also mean that the area's in the game, such as Blighttown, won't suffer from slowdown. An online oriented video game is also perfect for the capabilities of a PC. Steam would also be suitable venue provided the game is sold at a reasonable price for a late port. Steamworks could provide a strong and easy to use online infrastructure.

      First, spelling is shit. Secondly, this is a petition that is now telling the company that they should enter into negotiations with Valve to use their steam platform, re-engineer the product to use steamworks, and also be set at a low pricepoint because "it's a late port".

      Was this petition written by a 12 year old, seriously?

        You don't actually know what steamworks does do you? It's an optional API that allows the game to better integrate with steam's functionality. It's not a pre-requisite for selling you game on steam.

        Case in point, Battlefield Bad Company 2 is NOT a steamworks title. However I bought it over steam.

        Derp long and prosper my friend.

      Agreed. Why the feeling of entitlement when it comes to PC getting a port. There are plenty of games that are on PC only, you don't see petitions to get them to console. That's the way it is.

      And no doubt people would just whinge about the controls.

      If you want to play Dark Souls bad, then by a console.

    No. God no. Think how bad the controls would be. It would be another Super Meat Boy (hard game made even harder because of shitty controls unless you have a controller). I'm all for games on PC, but Dark Souls' controls would be extremely awkward on a keyboard and mouse.

    As for the sense of entitlement these PC gamers have, I can understand why, considering the vast majority of PC games are now console ports that are badly done most of the time.

      Super Meat Boy had a flash screen come up on startup that said playing with a controller was like taking a bath. Not strictly required but highly recommended. The game will need a controlpad, and yes people will complain about that, but if it's released on PC it's going to have endless complaint threads on forums regardless.

      The "doesn't work best with keyboard and mouse (or 'works best with gamepad'), therefore shouldn't be on PC" is the most ridiculous argument I've ever seen.

      By that logic, there should be no flight sims, or driving sims, or RC sims etc etc on PC either, because they work better with more suitable peripherals than keyboard and mouse.

      Using the same argument GTA5 and Forza shouldn't be on consoles because they're best with a wheel, not a gamepad.

      One of advantages of the PC is having the choice of the most suitable peripherals for individual games, be it Keyboard, Mouse, Trackball, Joystick, Wheel, Touchscreen, Webcam, Laser Printer...

    I take offense at your portrayal of PC gamers. Namco will make the decision to port it based on whether they think there is a market for a PC version, and having a petition is just a means to communicate that market. It's possible that the suggestion for a petition is all part of a marketing strategy leading up to a reveal of a PC version that is already in development.

    I do agree that piracy could be particularly problematic for this game, as people seem to be divided on whether they love it or hate it; a lot of people might want to 'test' it out first.

    I support the petition, but feel a bit conflicted.

    I think: Why should PC gamers get it? Why is this a game that "should" be on PC? Because it's good? Also, what's with the smugness? The tone is very much one of it not being a real game unless it's on "the on true platform" and not on a "lowly console".

    Having said all that, it's a great game and I'm not churlish enough to deny it to the folk who are too stubborn to buy a console. And, yes, I'll buy a second copy for my PC just because.

      I see where you'd coming from here.

      There are some people out there (like myself) who can't afford to invest in game consoles due to all sorts of reasons or don't wish to because either there's a small amount of games on it that only grab our attention or we feel more comfortable playing them with a keyboard & mouse.

      Equality across games would be something i'd like to see. If a game comes to say all consoles including handheld & Wii variations & the PC market is left out then that's really unfair I personally think. But if it's say a PS3 exclusive (Gran Turismo) or 360 exclusive (Halo) then fair enough, I don't see or have a problem there.

        Good call on the small amount of games.

        If I had a beastly PC (i3 over here), and didn't have a console I'd think twice before buying one. There are decent exclusives that make it worth it, and it's an individual decision whether it's worth it for you or not. (I reckon I still would as you can get one for around $250 these days.)

        The best I can relate to is that I own an Xbox 360 but not a PS3. This means I have missed out on many MGS games and the Uncharted series. I can't think of anything other than Demon's Souls which I would want a PS3 for,* and now with Dark Souls I can see what I was missing out on.

        *There are probably others, but I can't think of them off the top of my head.

          True, true. I still a PS3 but I still face the fact it's been hard to get a job since my last job was out sourced on me, thus making it impossible to buy games (unless on sale on Steam) and even fix my PC which died =(

      I assumed the should game from the fact that the PC has a pretty strong tradition of high-quality action RPG's and a fanbase large enough to support a port of the game.

    I already have the game on PS3. But I still think a PC release would be great, primarily because of the technical issues in the game. (Frequent slowdown, far worse than there ever was in Demon's Souls.)

    But hey, Bamco will never do it. Bamco are the Japanese equivalent of Activision. They hate their fans, they hate pleasing consumers, and they won't bother with any kind of investment unless they're sure it will turn over a huge profit.

    Seriously doubt Bandai Namco are going to listen to some lowly fans. When have they before now? In fact, they'll probably release some DLC or something for PC but not the actual game itself.

    okay let say they sell the game on steam, for 30 dollars, - 30% steam takes out for their cut, Namco will make $21 per sale, x by say the petition reaches 50K you will get just over 1 million dollars in revenue. If they could keep the port costs down to say 1/4 - 1/2 they could make a decent profit, and its on steam meaning it will continue to sell, and sales will always add extra revenue long after the games release.

    Imminent "console port" trolling.
    FOV complaints ahead.
    Try VSync.
    Need RAM.
    Amazing CTD ahead.
    Praise Steam!

    Not signing; as interesting as Dark Souls would be on PC, I already have it on PS3 and I'm a little sick of seeing PC gamers assuming they're entitled to everything.

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