Phantom Breaker Brings New Flavour Of 3D Fighting To North America

A new contender steps into the 2D fighting ring when 7sixty brings Japanese developer 5pb Games' brawler Phantom Breaker to the North American Xbox 360 this spring.

[Kotaku AU edit: There is currently no word on whether or not Phantom Breaker will hit the Australian Xbox Live Marketplace, but we're keeping our fingers crossed that it does. Look! A fighting game where people are wearing actual clothes! Amazing!]

A mysterious organisation in Japan led by someone named Phantom has organised a fighting tournament the grand prize of which is a single wish. That's as much of a plotline as you'll need to enjoy Phantom Breaker, the first console game from 5pb Games to make the trip to North America. It's really just a flimsy excuse for 14 anime-style characters to kick the crap out of each other.

The arse kicking in Phantom Breaker comes in two flavours, quick style and hard style, the former all about speed and the latter focused more on defence. Contrary to my usual fighting game tragedy, defence is sometimes important.

7sixty isn't just releasing a quick and dirty port of Phantom Breaker either; they're releasing a sexy special edition filling with art and mini-guides and whatever else they see fit to detail on the game's official Facebook page.

I'll buy it, but then I buy every 2D fighting game that hits the market on the off chance that I don't suck at it.


    This is a low- rent anime King of fighters ripoff, the fighting game community has already dismissed it as such.

    Skelerax who nominated you as the ambassador of the fighting game community?

    having said that this game looks shitty

    It was foretold in an ancient prophecy, so some dusty old scrolls I guess.

    I only just noticed that character select screen pic, such diversity, MY EYES!! lol

    it looks nothing like King of Fighters. More like Melty Blood in my opinion.

    but the characters look generic and have bland names...

    I meant to say blazblue actually.

    Please excuse my error, I ate some bad shoes earlier.

    When I heard another 2D fighter was coming I decided I actually look at some media before preordering and yeah..... enjoy the game fellas I'm sitting this one out.

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