Pick Up Archie Comics' Sonic Super Special #3

Is it possible Sonic the Hedgehog — after years of underwhelming games — is enjoying a bit of a resurgence? Both the re-release of Sonic CD and the debut of the all-new Sonic Generations have reminded people how fun it is to play as Sega's mascot.

But, as opposed to his game appearances, Sonic's been running strong in comics for a while now. Archie Comics has been publishing comics featuring the sneaker-wearing mammal for more than a decade now, with oversized special issues punctuating a run of 200+ issues.

The latest Super Special — due out in a few weeks — features two specific chapters for Sonic aficionados. There's a story in there that tease plot developments for the upcoming Sonic 4, Episode 2 as well as a reprint of a Sonic CD-themed story from the long-ago Sonic the Hedgehog #25. The Episode 2 story serves as a prequel to the downloadable game, so if you want to figure what Robotnik and Metal Sonic will be doing to piss off Sonic, look for Sonic Super Special #3 at your local comic shop.


    Pfft. Sonic doesn't need a story. True sonic fans skip every single cutscene in his games, and never even watch them once.

      Like you, I typically skip the cutscenes in Sonic games, but I would argue that the truer Sonic fan would actually sit and watch those very cutscenes, just because they love Sonic so damn much they'll tolerate the rubbish. Who knows, maybe they even enjoy it. >_>

      Speak for yourself buddy. I'd find it a bit far-fetched that a "true" fan would be somebody who would exclude himself from content related to that fandom that would not be inherently bad, but simply coincidentally is.

      These comics were pretty neat up to about issue 75 and even a few after that. But I stopped once the writers decided that teenage drama was more important than blue hedgehogs that go really fast busting up robots.

      I've been playing Sonic games since 1991 and never have skipped a cut-scene in not Just Sonic games but any game! speak for yourself.

    i just went into the box next to me
    Princess sally
    Issue 1s

    I tried reading a Sonic comic once. Maybe it was because i didn't get the story, but it was waaaaaay too melodramatic for my liking. Didn't completely hate it though. As a Sonic fan i do appreciate the other mediums that Sonic is in, even if it is not too much to my liking.

    I wish they'd re-release Sonic the Comic, I personally think that its better than Archie Comics. Heck, if they got Nigel Kitching to actually write the story for the games I reckon they'd be onto something.

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