"Plans" For Phoenix Wright Movie's Worldwide Release

Hitting Japanese theatres next month, the Phoenix Wright movie could get a global release. According to the movie's director, there are plans for international versions with subs and dubs for each region. Court-Records Thanks, Robert!]


    Am I the only one that has never played nor seen anything Phoenix Wright?

      yeh pretty much

    Yeah, you need to get onto the Wright stuff

      You failed hh...

    I have a feeling it won't hit cinemas in Australia, but I'll be real happy with a DVD/Blu-Ray release.

      I've actually found that Cinemas like Hoyts and Nova will sometimes do low-demand/ Independant movies like these and only show them for like a week or two, as long as you watch there schedules closely it may appear for a breath time.

        Yeah Stephens on the money with this one. They showed Advent Children funnily enough when no where else would. (I dont know why, I thought that'd have been pretty big). They also showed The 13 Assassins.

    hopefully aus dont get the shitty dub version...
    japanese media is best in its original form, dub only kills it

    The japanese version and the english version have characters with different names, so I hope they use the english ones.

    I also hope the dub is incredibly over the top.

      Screw the dub, keep the original sound and sub it out.

    English dubs are always terrible for real life Asian movies.

    Dubs from anywhere are awkward on ANY liveaction movie, never seems natural.

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