Play Mario As Samus, Simon Belmont And Mega Man. Again!

In 2010, a fan-made game called Super Mario Bros. Crossover was released, which let players tackle the Nintendo classic using not just the standard plumber, but a cast of characters from other 8-bit games as well.

It now has a sequel which is kicking things up a notch, taking the 8-bit visuals from the first and running right into Super Nintendo land. With a few detours in...Game Boy land?

The game will be available in the next month or two, and when it is, it'll be playable at the link below.

Super Mario Bros. Crossover [Exploding Rabbit]


    Pretty pointless posting this so early.

      Yeah I didn't even realise it wasn't out yet. I suppose we have news for trailers for paid games, so why not flash? Still, it is odd.

    I thought the first one was really overhyped tbh. It wasn't that good, I'd seen it done 500x before on Game Maker and Flash websites and it was really unbalanced.

    This one appears to have you devolve from SNES to NES and Nes to Gameboy when you lose a life, and that's clever, but I'm still not sold on it.

      "...but I’m still not sold on it."

      You don't need to be, it's free! :)

      For a free to play version of SMB you can't ask for much more really!

      Also - not sure why Nintendo hasn't stomped all over it by now but I'm glad they haven't.

    When I was a kid, playing my NES I used to dream about switching up characters from my various games so this is really incredible to me.

    I really used to wish I could interchange Kid Icarus, Mario and the Ninja Turtles between games.

    Holy shit they took the first game to whole new levels. This is going to be awesome.

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