Playing Against Napoleon Dynamite On Xbox Live Needs Less Quizzing, More Tater Tots

Famous people are just like you and me. They put on pants one leg at a time. Some of them love video games and enjoy mixing it up on Xbox Live. But the vast majority of them don't advertise their superstar online.

Though, some celebrities have such recognisable voices, that the moment they open their mouths, they show their hand.

Actor Jon Heder told Conan O'Brien in a recent interview that while playing Xbox Live, his identity was discovered during a match, and his fellow gamers began to "quiz" him.



    No link to a video? No.... transcript? I mean that would be kinda *USEFUL* here...

      I thought the article abrubtly stopped halfway lol. I want to know more!

    Wow. I thought this was gonna be another one of those videos where someone plays CoD with a soundboard. Im not amused.

    Thats the interview.

    I never understood why this character was so popular, he just came off as obnoxiously stupid to me.

      i agree too, the new cartoon series is the biggest pile of shit i have ever seen, couldnt even watch 5 mins of it before wanting to commit seppuku

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