'PlayStation 4 Must Look Beyond Games'

What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "PlayStation 4 must look beyond games." — Chris Morris, veteran game journalist, on what Sony should and shouldn't do with the PS4.

QUOTE | "Free-to-play games can't be high quality." — Oliver Comte, senior vice president for Namco Bandai Europe, speaking at Cloud Gaming Europe on why cheap games are bad for the game industry.

STAT | $US150 — Amount Zynga allegedly loses on each new customer, based on an analysis by Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia.

QUOTE | "PlayStation Vita might actually make a little money from day one." — James Brightman, editor-in-chief at IndustryGamers.com, analysing the parts cost of the PS Vita.

QUOTE | "Streaming games will begin to significantly impact the gaming industry." — Steve Peterson, west coast editor for IndustryGamers.com, talking about some of the significant trends on view at CES last week.

STAT | 57 per cent — Amount that PS Vita sales dropped in Japan last week over the previous week, which was already down 42 per cent from the week before that.

QUOTE | "More social games get an extreme makeover." — Scott Steinberg, CEO of video game consultant TechSavvy Global, talking about what to expect in 2012 from social games.

QUOTE | "We're seeing a huge shift in the way people consume content." — John Davison, vice president of programming at CBS Interactive, discussing how readers of GameSpot and gaming sites in general are changing how they look at content about games.

QUOTE | "His role will be moving Xbox beyond a gaming platform." — Dave Cutler, the father of Windows NT and one of the brightest minds at Microsoft, will now work on transforming the Xbox platform.

QUOTE | "There's going to be more lawyers." — Patrick Sweeney, member of the Video Game Bar Association board, with a scary prediction as he talks about attorneys who specialise in games.

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    ROFL.... sure look beyond games... just like they did with PS3 and PSP that caused massive consumer confusion?

    Pretty sure that the PS3 was touted to go 'beyond gaming' prior to development. Something like there was gonna be a version for gaming and a version that could control your house, even order milk when you were low. luckily they focused on gaming.

      Wasn't the XBox 360 supposed to replace the home PC as well?

        Well that was a delusion from the get go at least the PS3 could maybe have claimed that when it had install other OS

        But the 360 is missing most of the primary things you want from a home PC

          Thank christ, the more devices that resemble a home PC less, the better :P

        Yeah but the 360 wasn't a complete and utter failure where Microsoft lost money on each unit sold...

    Its a load of crap, they keep trying to do this jack of all trades master of none stuff. What they need to do is go back to the starting board, and just focus on a bloody good gaming experience. Like we need another device that streams YouTube

      Of course it's a load of crap. It's why the Vita is following in the footsteps of the epic failure that was the PSP and the PS4 will undoubtedly follow the PS3 in that it will be sold at a loss for most of it's life.

        How is selling over 50 million units an "epic failure"? You desperately need to take off your MS fanboy blindfold.

        Man it really sounds like Sony don't know what they are doing. Weird, you'd think a company that large and established would have some business sense, if only they had thought to contact Chazz on kotaku.com.au and sought his advice before this whole "PS3 debacle". Its unfortunate Sony ONLY manufacture the hardware and then sell it for less than it costs to make, things might be different if they were a massive corporation that had a hundred different ways of making money from shipping PS3's..

    Wow. Sony really are delusional. I wonder if the ps4 will play video UMDs? LOL

    Remember when all you had to do was plug in a cartridge?

    Really wish video game consoles would go back to being video game consoles, and not some all-in-one media hub/electric heater.

      Off topic: With the cost of flash memory these days I can see cartridges for consoles coming back.

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