Police Affirms Mum's Right To Confiscate PS3 Until Piano Practice Is Finished

The police in Lake Oswego, Oregon, a Portland suburb, pride themselves on the motto "no call is too small". And they took one, yesterday, that comes straight from the Sheriff Andy Taylor manual of community policing.

Yesterday, an 11-year-old picked up the phone and dialed 911 to report that his mother had taken away his PlayStation 3 on Monday — a school holiday observing Martin Luther King Jr's birthday — and would not return it until he practised piano. The dispatch operator patiently listened in to his pleadings, assessed the emergency and then calmly advised the boy that police would not be on the scene momentarily.

"Your mother can do that," they said.

Indeed she can.

Lake Oswego boy calls police after mother takes away his PlayStation [The Oregonian — h/t hillbillypr]


    ...how did this become an issue!?

    Seriously, are kids today so self-entitled that they think they can get their parents arrested for acting like parents?

      Damn straight!

      Darn kids today. It wasn't like that when I was young. We had respect for our parents! We appreciated the sacrifices they made to provide that piano!

      I blame rock and roll, the internet, dungeons and dragons, videogames and Eminem for all of this.


      This is exactly why children should not be taught how to ring emergency numbers.

        Well that's a bit extreme, maybe taught not to misuse emergency numbers?

      In the words of the great Russell Peters "BEAT THAT KID!"

      This is what you get when you give children rghts people! xD

      Next he'll be turning in his parents for condemning big brother in their sleep. Good little comrade that he is.

    Public holiday, kid wants to play his PS3 but has to do his piano practice...wonder if piano is something he got into or was forced into...

      ^this. that kid must have really hated piano if he would rather go to the police than practice piano in order to play his games

      Yeah I tend to go with 'they're both wrong.'
      Mother has every right to take away PS3
      Mother shouldn't FORCE child to learn musical instrument

      Pretty much all the stuff I got forced to do I now hate, I'm looking at you football.
      Meanwhile I chose to do basketball and love that, even if i don't have time/priority to play these days

        Clever mum would confiscate the piano until he'd finished his PS3 practice. Then tell him she'd better not catch him doing the vacuuming or there'll be all kinds of trouble.

      I agree with Chazz. This report sounds like some pushy-parent soccer-mom is trying to make the kid play an instrument he doesn't want to. So that she can proudly show off her trophy child and bask in the reflected glory as proof of what a wonderful mother she is.

      Call me a cynic.

      That said, I agree she has the LEGAL right to do it. Doesn't mean she's morally justified in doing so.


    Wonder how he'd react if next time she decides to take the PS3 to the pawn brokers instead? Lol

    The real issue here is when did parents stop hitting kids. I was hit as punishment and I turned out fine. Now excuse me while I go burn down my work

      Don't forget the rapin' and the pillagin', friend.

    I would be taking it altogether after a stunt like that!!!

    When I was a kid and I was naughty mum used to take away my floppies. (I had a CPC6128)

    Needless to say, I learnt pretty quickly how to copy them...

    THAT is a girl

      Keen observation my good man. Keep up the good work. Kotaku, award this man a medal and fix this god damn problem!

    The kid would learnso much more on the PS3. Music is essentially useless.

    So... the Police didn't even show up at the house? Cool story bro...

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