Price Of PSN Game 'Amy' Is Put To A Vote

The creepy survival-horror game Amy, about a psychic girl caught up in a zombie-like pandemic, is due for release next week on Xbox Live, where it will cost 800 Microsoft Points. Alright. It's also due out on the PlayStation Network, for a price of $US12.99. That means the game is effectively $US3 more on the PS3.

Lexis Numérique, the game's publisher, says this is because of the conversion of euros to dollars to Microsoft's play money. In Europe, you can buy 800 Microsoft points for €10, which is $US12.73. So while the prices are equal in Europe, there's a disparity in the US, and that's why the PSN version comes in at $US3 more.

Lexis Numérique's CEO is putting this up to a poll on Facebook: keep the bumped up price, and make the current release date? Or cut it to $US9.99, which will require a delayed release. Right now, the cheaper, delayed version is winning by a 70-30 landslide. So, basically, we can say Amy is delayed on PSN, unless Lexis Numérique chooses not to abide by this result.

Amy Developer Asks: "Do You Want To Pay Less?" [Giant Bomb]


    I think they need to fix the pricing on Australia's PSN store first, they may have been able to pull it off once, but the dollar is strong now and it is wrong to charge us almost double. Also, our PSN Plus is severely lacking in comparison to the US store.

      Don't be silly you know that publishers can't lower prices in Australia or the cost of publishing titles here will out weigh the profit... Oh wait this is a digital product and it is just pure greed that is right. :L

      Your absolutely right Dan, it is ridiculous the amount our Store pays in comparison to the US one. Same with Steam, although Steam isn't anywhere NEAR as bad.

        Steam isn't perfect, but it still offers games at a huge discount compared to retail. And ultimately, that's all online stores should be, a significantly cheaper alternative to the local retail option. Companies like Nintendo and freaking Origin just don't seem to get it, don't gouge us on online prices so bloody much.

          Yet I can find MW3, Skyrim and many other expensive Steam titles FAR cheaper in retail. Purely unjustifiable greed on the publisher's end :\

          Though my opinion on this article. Three dollars? Whoopty-freakin-do.

      I have Japanese and US PSN accounts as well as my AUS one, and everytime I visit the other two (US and JAP) PSN stores, I crack the sads. Big time.

      They have way more stuff, and infinitely cooler stuff. Their stores are laid out much better than ours too. The US one is the hardest to browse.... so much cool stuff, and so amazingly cheap.

      Not for us Aussies though, we get the stiff dick in the ear. Sure, it's nothing new, but it still sucks. I mean I can buy off the other stores, but for my PSP (which is what i use PSN most for) means I have to reactivate my PSP constantly, and can only have titles from one region playable at any given time.

        Gotta say, the one time I went to the US store to pick up DJ MAX Portable 3 and Crescent Pale Mist, I thought the layout was terrible compared to ours. No arguing the better prices though.

      Exactly since nearly all psn prices are 50-60% more than the US even with the higher dollar $

      it has nothing to do with currency conversion, it's to do with cost of living.

      When you work in a place that has a $7 an hour minimum wage (Which by the way isn't actually the REAL minimum. Some places pay $2 a day and they have to rely on tips to get them up above minimum wage) then you can whinge about having to pay more for a game.

      You know what a maccas double cheeseburger costs in the states? $1. Not on special days, or between certain hours, but all the time. Why aren't you getting up in arms because we pay more for cheeseburgers?

      Oh right, because it's a digital download, so there's no reason to charge more, right? Except if we were getting charged $60 for a brand new game and not $100, then you'd have Americans (Who, last time I checked, outnumber us quite a bit) getting more than a bit cranky because we're paying what they pay despite having a minimum wage twice as high theirs.

      So instead of complaining, simply shut up and enjoy earning more than $7 an hour.

        Sure our wages are higher, but its also true that Australia is one of the most expensive places to live in the world, with a majority of families spending over 50% of their income on rent/mortgage not including utilities like electricity and the like. suggesting that we pay more simply because we have more money to spend is just a tad, untrue.

        Congratulations on missing the point entirely.
        The issue is: Macca's pays it's staff higher rates over here, therefore must charge higher prices to be profitable, same goes for any bricks and mortar store.
        But when it comes to digital distribution there are no increased costs for the product, yet the price is jacked up. Now if your claiming thats fine as our minimum wage is higher than the US then I disagree with you, as the local minimum wage doesn't influence the costs for digital distribution.
        (and thats before pointing out that the cost of living is greater in Australia as Denz mentioned, due to our having a higher minimum wage).

        As far as technology goes Australia gets a raw deal, this can be clearly seen by looking at tech items onlineand realising that Australian stores could order their stock from an online store and be making profit hand over fist.

        Finally I will point out: the prices in AUD have not changed much in the last few years.... in fact they have not changed from when our dollar was 60 US cents to now where we have been at parity (+/- a little) for like a year (or more)...

        I don't blame the Australian PSN for having less content than the US... I think the US is celf censored, and they'd have to pay for everything they release over here to be rated... thank our government for that.

    PSN is atrocious. Steam isn't brilliant, but I do feel I can justify buying things on there.

    It's a shame, really. Digital could massively increase profits, Steam is constantly proving that, but you have these other companies lumbering into the digital realm trying to squeeze every last cent out of consumers with no regard for fair or reasonable pricing.

    So is this coming to PC? Thought it was... If not will be giving this a miss. Dont worry i would buy it on the 360 or PS3 but i hardly ever get the tv for myself now (between wife and my son its hard too)

    I saw this on another site about a week ago, it turns out the games cost the same amount in Australia & Europe (which this site is supposed to be orientated towards) it only costs extra in the US due to their crazy economy.

    I don't understand why people are complaining about a $3 difference on a $13 game. I would love to have a game like Amy for $13. Tha'ts an awesome price.

      The US complain over alot of things even though theirs are cheaper than elsewhere just look at them at petrol prices, movie ticket prices and so on.

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