Prinnies And Ponies Invade PlayStation Home

Prinnies And Ponies Invade PlayStation Home

If ever there was a reason to sit in front of your PlayStation 3 waiting for PlayStation Home to load it’s today’s North American debut of the prinny-powered Disgaea 4 Home Space. And for everyone else, there’s pet ponies.

While plenty of people visit PlayStation Home on a daily basis (really lonely people; people that can’t afford actual games) to experience the cornucopia of games and activities that Sony has packed into its virtual play space, some of us need a little more incentive. Incentive like an entire area dedicated to Disgaea 4 and those loveable undead penguin creatures, the prinnies. The Disgaea 4 Home Space has been a big hit in Japan, so I expect today’s North American debut to attract at least four of five people. Maybe one of them will do the cabbage patch.

Also new in PlayStation Home today, Lockwood’s Stitchkins line of avatar pets adds four little ponies, two pegasi and two unicorns. Until Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Rarity show up in PlayStation Home, this is as close as my bronies will get to pony paradise.

I mean bronies in general, of course. Not MY bronies. No, no, no.

Check out those updates plus a pair of new Silent Hill costumes, some time-limited Chinese New Year exclusives, a new gothic manor personal space, and much, much more in PlayStation Home right now. Who knows, you might get hooked.

*falls over giggling*

PlayStation Home Updates With New Games, Quests, Rewards & Music [PlayStation Blog]


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