Project Zomboid's Concept Art Also Blows Up Aircraft Carriers

French artist Remi, aka Afekay, has landed a rather pleasant little gig doing the concept art for work-in-progress zombie survival sim Project Zomboid.

Coming out of mobile games, which is where the decidedly non-Zombie stuff you'll see here comes from (specifically Gameloft's Dungeon Hunter 3 and Modern Combat 3), Afekay's art for Zomboid lends a little more character to a game that, well, was never short on character to begin with, seeing as it's as much about trying to save your injured wife as it is about saving your own arse.

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    Can you please either
    1) Provide clear pictures
    2) Provide expandable pictures
    3) Provide a link so we can at least see the originals in un-shit-rez mode?

      Not sure what happened with this post, but I've fixed up the images.

    Some of the images are very hard to make out... if you can't find images that are uniform in size please don't try to make them.

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