PS Vita Has Its Worst Week Yet

The PS Vita hasn't been selling particularly well over in Japan. How badly is it doing? Well, after a very recent launch the handheld only shipped 15,219 units last week — its lowest ever weekly total.

Japanese chart company Media Creative noted that the sales of the Vita has dropped from 22,538 the previous week. Meanwhile, the 3DS sold 80,960 units, which put it in first place for console sales for that week.

Closing out the week, the 3DS came first, followed by sales of the PS3, PSP, and the Vita came in fourth.

Do you think these low sales figures will be seen in western regions when the Vita goes on sale around the world? Is a price drop imminent? Tell us what you think!



    I have a feeling there will be a price drop very soon after release. The question now is, do I buy the unit new expecting to be part of an ambassadors program if there is a price drop?

      Wait to see what kmart and big w sell it for. They usually sell it below cost for the first week, then if theres a price drop whether it be major or slight you wont be kicking yourself if it does happen.

      Sure they are expected to slash off price of PS Vita - but expect Vita's features to be cut down, too!

    I for one won't buy a vita til the game titles I want are released, and most of them won't be available til about Q2 2012. Also ever since 7th Generation consoles came out, I've been skeptical about hardware failure rates in earlier models. My first PS3 could PS2 games but it barely last two years until it Y-L-O-D'! Stuff like that ain't worth it when you're paying big bucks for it.

    Wow. That thing needs some Japanese games, stat.

    Even though I never planned on buying one, I was kind of hoping that the Vita would do well right out of the gates, if only to keep Nintendo on their toes.

    Not worried at all. The lead game on it is Uncharted, an American series. There's no Monster Hunter yet. There's no release outside of Japan. Things can and will get better.

      Uncharted 3 has sold 3.4m on a console with 61m units, Mario Kart 7 has sold 4.8m on a console with 15m units, i do not think things will 'get better' because of uncharted. If it sells well, which it will here, it just will not be enough.

    Not to mention that Japanese psp gamers are likely to have a stack of UMD's that won't play on the Vita.

    I hated carrying around umd's, so I've been buying my games off the store for years. Vita is day one for me!

    I can see why the Vita's sales are going down each week. Since the handheld only has only its launch titles. There is nothing that is making people buy what has been out for just over a month.

    With Tales of Innocence R releasing today, and In a few weeks Ragnarok Odyssey, and Gravity Daze coming out. I would expect slightly better sales in the next few weeks. The other possibility would be for Sony to get the remote play to work properly, or at least let me put my PS1 games from the PSN onto the vita.

    I would expect the sales in the west to be around the same. As in High sales the first week (Still below what they wanted to sell), followed by worse weeks until new games come out that make people interested in it.

    Anyone got the dreamcast sales figures? It sounds like this thing is dying fast and hard.

    It can't be helped. In Japan, Monster Hunter is a massive factor in hardware sales. Nintendo secured exclusivity hence the 3DS is actually doing well. If the Vita got Monster Hunter exclusivity, we would see the Vita sales skyrocket.

    It's had no new compelling software. Software is what drives hardware sales in Japan, and the only really big game so far on the system is Uncharted, which is not a strong franchise there.

    It'll pick up. Surprisingly, most of the good Vita games coming out are Western games, rather than any JRPG's that dominated the PSP in it's later years. I think it'll have a strong reception here thanks to Wipeout, Uncharted and the upcoming Resistance game to name a few.

    I'm 100% certain it will pick up in sales. 3DS did it. And I'll be very very surprised if MH4 is only released on 3DS.

    Starting to think twice about my pre order.... :(

    Ive had my Vita just over a week now and love it. Sales are a bit slow in Japan but I wouldnt be to concerned considering it hasn't hit english markets.

    I think Terrak will be back to complain about how there are so many more articles about 3DS not selling than the Vita is. =P

      I've been wondering where Terrak'd got to as well. There's been a spate of "Vita's dying" articles so maybe their work is done and they took off back to their home planet?

        Im glad you remembered me. I guess my comments raised a few eyebrows. good. They served their purpose.

        BTW no this article still proves my point. There is no negative overtones on this article. This is simply facts. No 'psp vita is failing' or 'sony is desperate' you know, those negative sentiments. Even the title is simply factual. It is the worst week the psp vita has had so far.

        compare that to the 3ds poor sales coverage this looks absolutely positive.

    I guess it's because Vita does not have a Hatsune Miku game......?

    Sony should had release PsVita in Japan around 2012. While people are not favoring Psvita anymore because of Japanese sells. Sony said already there won't be any price drops. Why trust info on Japanese sales because I know for sure when this come out in the West the Psvita is gonna be one huge success.

    If they're forced to drop the price, I'll consider one.

    The Vita fills a void that doesnt exist, nor need to be filled.
    Sure, some hardcore gamers will buy it, but definitely not enough to support the platform.
    And kids will be (and always have been) playing DS/3DS.

    Vita will flop. Just like the PSP before it.

    Before you argue back, think about it. . .
    Besides some hardcore gamers who exactly is going to buy a Vita? What age group? What demographic?
    Who, in the real world, even knows what Vita is? Or for that matter, what a PSP is?

    It's interesting that everyone continues to refer to the PSP as a 'flop'. 70+ million units shipped worldwide since 2005? Hardly a flop. It fills a different market point to any other handheld - namely the 'adult' gamer (say 17+ up to your 30 somethings, like me) who wants lots of functionality, bells and whistles etc. Someone who wants more (and I use the term VERY loosely) 'hardcore' games - RPG's, strategy, etc. It's not intended for the 'average' gamers, and it's usually average gamers that refer to it as a flop, surprisingly. In the 6+ years it's been available, the PSP has some of the best titles I've ever encountered on a handheld. After 6 years, my PSP has never seen any downtime exceeding a couple of months. It still gets used today.

    Now remember when the PSP was a so-called failure when it launched? Remember when everyone (including me) said the 3DS was a failure? Look at the sales figures, and look at a demographic that doesn't include you. I was in Japan in April last year, and I saw a TON of PSP's in use.

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