Q.U.B.E. Delivers The Good Kind Of Blocking

At first blush, the environs and first-person perspective of puzzle platformer Q.U.B.E. might look familiar. The game tasks you with manipulating a series of coloured three-dimensional cubes that have various effects on the environment. It looks to me like living inside a Rubik's Cube and Stephen Totilo liked it when he laid eyes on it this summer. Q.U.B.E.'s the first game supported by Indie Fund — the collective of all-star independent developers — to make it out into the wild, so there's a strong chance that it'll be worth your cash.

Q.U.B.E. [Steam[


    I read the gamespot review, and watching the gameplay looked kinda boring. Reminds me of one of those one-trick flash games. You really need a good story if you're going to focus on a single mechanic.

      not when it will cost like $5

        Probably even less. Q.U.B.E. is $14.99, Orcs Must Die is also $14.99 and OMD was discounted by 75% during their last sale so I wouldn't be surprised if Steam pimped Q.U.B.E. for uber cheap (-75%) in one of their big sales.

    Picked this up this morning and played it for an hour. Don't expect the same icing on it that Portal had and you might enjoy it. I don't think any puzzle games have had a decent story since Tetris anyway.

      What about Puzzle Quest and it's sequel?

        I don't know the games in question, but I doubt that they can even begin to approach the complex and nuanced observation of interracial harmony that Tetris represents.

    Huh. I remember, before this game was free. And then when I got my new computer I forgot about it. Am happy and sad :|

      Even if it is dirt cheap.

    I can see this being a really awesome Kinect game.

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