Q.U.B.E. Shows One Way For Indie Games To Get Money And Make It Back

How much does it take to make an indie game? How long until one makes a profit? The metrics on this kind of thing are always mysterious, but a new post on Indie Fund's official website gives some enlightening information with regard to the first game funded by the small-developer investment collective to see release.

Q.U.B.E. got a $US90,000 investment from Indie Fund, which enabled Toxic Games to complete their puzzle platformer and release it on Steam last week. It took Toxic only four days to recoup the investment, meaning that they can repay that money and keep the majority of earnings from here on out. The Indie Fund post also notes that Toxic may be able to bring Q.U.B.E. to other platforms in the future.

We liked what we've seen of Q.U.B.E. around these parts. Luke Plunkett saw it way back when Toxic Games' puzzle platformer was early in development and then Stephen Totilo saw it at last year's PAX Prime. The difference in the look and feel from those two encounters shows off what a major infusion of cash from Indie Fund can do. Now the economics for Toxic and Q.U.B.E. are probably different from those of other indie games. But this cycle shows that indies funding indies can be successful, with good games and promising developers able to get games to players for something other than a $US60 price point.

Q.U.B.E. Recoups Investment Within 4 Days of Steam Release [Indie Fund]


    I find that quite astonishing, because QUBE is far from a good game...

      That's a bit harsh. I'm up to Section 4 at the moment and so far had quite a bit of fun.

      The puzzles are starting to enter "head scratcher" territory though. That, and I'm getting motion sickness during certain types of puzzles.

        It all goes downhill from Sector 4.

        Anyone else reckon half of that budget went towards the ending sequence?

      It may be far from good, but it's further from bad.

        I haven't beaten the game yet, but yes, it was fun until about after section 4/

    I saw that and was thinking of buying it but indie bundles and steam sales have taught me that indie games are only worth $4.99 at the very most.

    I really enjoyed Qube. It was a fun puzzler, with simple mechanics extended in interesting ways. A nice little challenge, with some good presentation.
    I finished the game in only 3 hours, but I'm still happy with the $12 I spent for the experience (I've paid more for a cinema ticket after all).
    I'm glad that they've made their money back.

    i enjoyed it more then i do a crappy movie and it cost less and lasted slightly longer therefore worth it.

      btw to anyone going in thinking this is like portal its not. it is solely a puzzle game nothing else. the moment you expect portal you will be let down.

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