Queensland Government Website Blatantly Steals PlayStation Home's Logo

This falls into two categories: the 'how the hell did anyone find this' category, and the 'what the hell were they thinking' category. The Queensland government has put up a webpage that blatantly, blatantly steals the logo for PlayStation Home. Blatantly.

By my reckoning this is what happened: QLD government commissions someone to design website. Web designer thinks, 'lol, no-one will know where this came from, I can totally get away with using this logo', man gets busted by Kotaku reader. But it's all fine, if this gets one more person to check out Get healthy/check out PlayStation Home, it'll be alright guys, right?


Also, I just love that he's used it for the homepage link.

Thanks Choc!


    How did anyone think they'd get away with this?!

      not sure, but I hope Sony take them to the cleaners. Just to show what copyright infringement laws can do (make a nuisance)

        As if anyone could take them to the cleaners, the worst anyone could do is send them a letter asking them to take it down. If they took it down then the story would be over.

        It’s a funny story but you some of you guys are reacting way OTT.

    I think I missed something.. was it blatant? Mark?

    He would've got away with it if it weren't for them damn meddling kids.

      and their dog

        and their health!

      AND MY AXE!

        lmao ... I almost fell off my chair when I read that last one.

    Presumably they figured that nobody actually uses PS Home, so nobody would recognize it :P What are the odds on the one person who DOES actually use it stumbling upon that page? Unlucky!

      Haha! I was thinking the same thing!

      More likely they didn't think anyone would visit a Qld Gov't website.

    At least it's not still in Beta.

      What, the Queensland Govt website, or Playstation Home? Because the last I checked, Playstation Home still showed Beta when it started. Then again, it has been a little while.

    For another rip off. Look up creative rral estate. Soundblaster anyone??

    Nearly as funny as the performance of the Queensland Governement.

      But its the queensland spirit!

    Realistically speaking, I would be unsurprised if the guy designing it had seen the PS Home logo then completely forgotten about it and beleives the design was his own. I've used PS Home a half a dozen or so times (though not for at least a year now, come to think of it) and if you asked me what the PS Home logo was prior to today I'd have said "what logo?"

      I think Bill Gates used the same arguement when stealing ideas for Windows.

        Actually Bill's argument was basically "I ripped off Xerox, as did Apple who are trying to sue me". The court supported this argument by the way.

    What does Playstation Home and Queensland Public Hospitals have in common?

    You wait around for hours and nothing happens.

      Golden!! XD
      You sir, win an internet for that!

    dear sony: LAW SUITE, that is all

      Is that like a cocktail lounge for litigious singles?

        Law suite - You dont need to win to have a drink.

          I hurt, from laughing. You assholes.

    It'd also be amusing if they'd used the safehouse logo from Left 4 Dead.

    Maybe they're showing that they're in touch with you young people by using popular and recognisable icons... oh wait...

    The funny part will be when they check there server logs and see a bunch of traffic from kotaku. After looking up what kotaku is they will claim success at getting young people away from vidya games and looking after their health

    For people like me who didn't know what it looked like. So obvious it's a copy paste job.... =\


      How could you not know what it looks like when it's put besides the QLD government one up the top? It's literally displayed on this page.

    I work at a newspaper press, and while we were printing the Pakenham/Berwick Gazette, I noticed in the sports section, the heading "Sports" looks awfully similar to Spotify's logo. It amazes me how many times I've seen logo's and such been ripped.

    I don't even have a playstation, yet still know that's the logo for playstation home.

    As a web designer myself, I have use the PS Home logo as inspiration for iconography, but this is obviously a straight rip. Considering (from my brief browse) there are only 3 icons instances used on the entire site – it wouldn't have taken long to roll your own or buy some legally.

    Atleast remove the 'beta' from the logo noob

    search "home log" in google images... second one in. i wonder how much he got paid for that "design" ?

    A similar thing happened with an iOS game I beta tested: they outsourced their skill and item icons to an external designer who just traced them from WOW. None of the testers played WOW, so no-one picked up on it until the game was released...


    Completely different. There is no TM or BETA on the QLD Health logo.

    Case closed.

    Mike Harris - MD of GPY&R, the agency that designed this site. We understand that looking at these two logos they are extremely similar and we have therefore decided it would be best to remove this icon from the clients website. We have spoken to the designer involved who assures us she was not aware of this logo previously. We take copyright seriously as we design many of these types of logos for companies ourselves.

    Rest assured we will be doing more images searches on our icon designs in the future.

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