Rayman Origins Marches To The PC

The best 2D console platformer of 2011 becomes the one of the best 2D PC platformers of 2012 on March 29, when Ubisoft releases the PC version of Rayman Origins.


    Nice I can console myself about buying RRP from the vita release by getting this for a couple dollars down the track ;)

    I'd like to get it but i just know Ubisoft will overcharge and add it's horrible drm. I just can't bring myself to buy a ubisoft game until they dump that infuriating always online drm.

    I'd get it on PC if they choose to drop DRM on it. However, I can't see that happening, so I'll probably grab it for my Wii (and put up with the lower resolution, even though I'm told it looks fantastic in HD)..

    Finally! I was hoping they would bring it out for the PC at some point

    Are they going to charge Australians $100 for it just like they priced on the PS3 (compared to the UK where it's only twenty quid). Fuck you, Ubisoft. Honestly.

    @The Steeng
    True dat, Getting very tired of the regional prices. Now one of our last bastions of pricing GMG has started that trend too. Globalisation is fantastic isnt it, As long as you are not a consumer trying to get a deal with that noose getting closer to your neck!

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