Razer’s Naga Hex Is A Mouse Made For Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Fans

Razer’s Naga Hex Is A Mouse Made For Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Fans

Mice aimed at massively-multiplayer online role-playing gamers are all well and good, but what does a League of Legends or Diablo III player need with twelve thumb buttons? That’s why the Razer Naga Hex only has six.

I’d say the newly-announced Razer Naga Hex was built from the ground-up with MOBA and action RPG players in mind, but that wouldn’t technically be correct. What Razer has done with the Naga Hex is taken the twelve button design of the award winning Razer Naga MMO gaming mouse, dropped half of the buttons, and arranged them in a nifty hexagonal pattern for easy access and naming.

Six mechanical buttons should be plenty to keep the League of Legends crowd dominating the field, and three interchangeable thumb rests of differing heights and thicknesses assure that they’ll be comfortable while doing so.

“I love RPG and MOBA games. And I believe that having the right abilities available is the difference between slaying enemies and winning, or dying a miserable death and having your character wiped in hardcore mode,” said Robert ‘RazerGuy’ Krakoff, President, Razer USA in a press release today. “That’s why we designed the Razer Naga Hex — we believe that the six mechanical thumb buttons are going to help gamers stay ahead of the competition with the best ergonomic control.”

He also believes this is a mouse truly worthy of giving Razer $US79.99, which you can do right now via the Naga Hex preorder page.


  • I dunno
    I have the Naga and i think this layout would be better.
    I just don’t like the way that the Naga makes me hold the mouse. i.e. at an angle.

  • I’d say Mike’s assumptions about it being more for a MOBA or Action RPG crowd are pretty spot on since the current Naga is overkill for anything that’s not an MMO and even then it still seems too much. This looks like a far better balanced approach and methinks I might pick one up.

  • I’ve never used the Naga or the like, but all I can think is that every time I clicked the side buttons to use an ability, I would miss because it made the cursor move (I use a high mouse sensitivity).

    The advantage of having these keymapped, rather than on the mouse, is that pressing them won’t effect my grip and movement of the mouse… It’s also easier to quickly combo them using multiple fingers on a keyboard.

  • Might get this one, cause honestly having 12 buttons on my mouse probably killed any reason to use the keyboard besides WASD… Now that I have the Nostromo this seems to be a better pair to it (i.e. to complement the 16 buttons on my left hand)

    • It’s $80 in the US and it’ll most likely be sold at that price in the US. It’s listed as $129 here and likely to be sold for $95-100.

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