Remedy Seems To Be Working On A 'Brand New AAA Title'

Is Remedy working on a brand new AAA title? This new job ad, recently posted on Remedy's official website, would suggest so.

Remedy Entertainment, the creator of Max Payne® and Alan Wake®, and one of the leading independent game studios in the world is now looking for a Gameplay/AI Programmer for a groundbreaking AAA console project.

We want your help in taking our artificial intelligence, character & enemy behavior to the next level. You will be working on the next iteration of Remedy’s in-house engine that was previously used in Alan Wake and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.

It's difficult to really garner any solid conclusions from the ad, but it's almost a relief to see that Remedy is working on something that is a little more fleshed out than DLC for Alan Wake.

I find the idea of a 'groundbreaking AAA console project' quite intriguing, particularly one that is centered around AI. The ad later states that Remedy is looking for "[e]xperience on AI algorithms related to, for example, path finding, obstacle avoidance, decision making, group cooperation or planning", which is fairly standard, but suggests that the game will, at the very least be played through with another co-operative AI player.

It could be a proper Alan Wake sequel, but our bet is that Remedy is working on some sort of new IP. The ad also asks its applicants to be familiar with 'Kynapse', which is a type of middleware often used in group shooters. That being said, it's also used in multiple fighters and RTS titles, so that puts us back to square one — knowing almost nothing!

That said, we're looking forward to hearing more about Remedy's latest project.

Thanks Francis!


    No, with all their hints and marketing push for the Alan Wake series, and the release of a stand-alone game that's accessible to those who haven't played the first game (certainly not a move to pull players into the universe,) this couldn't possibly be Alan Wake 2. Of course not. Don't be ridiculous. Obviously they're going to completely change tracks and create something completely new! That's the only logical conclusion.

    Kynapse has been around a long time. It's probably used in Alan Wake? That game had a lot of physicy things going on and I'd be surprised if they weren't using physics middleware for it.

    Hoping that Alan Wake doesn't end up buried and forgotten after the XBLA thing.

    Awesome news, anything from remedy usually puts bums in seats. Good news on the a.i. unfortunately the missus isnt picking up a controller yet so that could be fun. Maybe it could replace her too?

    "suggests that the game will, at the very least be played through with another co-operative AI player. "

    This could just mean that they want enemies to work together better

    After all the Alan Wake talk yesterday I decided to replay it today, much better the second time around. I can't wait to see what they've got next.

    All I know is that I'll be buying it. I'm such a fanboy sometimes :-P

    The fact they need to say groundbreaking & AAA, means its gonna be crap.

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