Remember Aussie Gamers On 'Straya Day!

Happy Australia day everyone. Wow, what about those video games huh? How good is it when they feature Australians? Aussies in games range from the slightly awesome to the full blown terribad. Our very own Andrew Burdusel has taken practically every Australian video game character in gaming history and put it onto this pretty incredible series of images.

We've posted this before on Kotaku, but we thought it might be timely to show you guys again.

For high res versions of the image click here, here and here!


    Thats so bad I think it gave me cancer!

      The Bonzatucker game that is lol

    I haven't looked too closely, but does this mention the marine(s) in Halo?

    So many accents done so horribly. I still have nightmares about Vanille's and Fang's accents. Funny how Marine the Raccoon is an Aussie but Knuckles the Echidna is not.

      The amusing thing about that is Vanille's voice actress is actually Australian. Though they probably asked her to ham it up for the game.

    It's like looking into a mirror!

    Saxton Hale wins, and Chloe from Uncharted 2 & 3 isn't Australian!

      It's Claudia Black... pretty sure they don't specifically mention where the character comes from, but the Claudia is Australian.

      Your basis for Chloe not being Australian is...?

        The thing is, the characters nationality has never been identified in official Uncharted media. The fact that the actress player her is Australian and that Claudia has said in interviews that she was trying to do an "Australian accent" makes me thing that it's cool to assume she is.

          If she's an Australian actress trying to do an Australian accent... why would she be -trying- to do an Australian accent.

          It's just that to me she sounds more British than Australian. It's the same accent that she used to play Morrigan in DA2, and that Quarian in ME2 - and neither of those were supposed to be Australian (you know what I mean).

    And I always thought Miranda (ME2) was supposed to be from New Zealand.

    Saxton Hale is our new god.

    Also I didn't know Lord Raptor was aussie, how about that.

    Where the heck is Saxton Hale (and to al lesser extent, the Sniper)?

      Look a little closer.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. "Fair Dinkum, mate. Looks t'me ye Sheila's out there saying G'day to the Dingo. And Christ there's a bloody monster croc comin' out over there. You can take me word for it, that beaut's True Blue"

    Damn I never realised how video games portray us but I suppose it's good we're at least recgonised in some's not good is it?

      It's because the Americanese find the accent hot, apparently. So it's probably something to do with trying to appeal to the US market.
      If you've ever been to the US, the first thing that will get said to you by members of the opposite (or same, according to the situation) gender will be "OMG I love your accent, it's soooo sexyyyy!!!"

    I can't enlarge those images on my phone so I could be wrong, but I can't see that female character from the original Killzone... forget her name now. But pretty sure she was Australian?

    I love how Team Fortress 2 has three, mutually incompatible portrayals of Australia. (The Sniper, an intelligent professional with no facial hair; Saxton Hale, who comes from an Australia where the women have mustaches and the only reason there's any intelligence at all is the massive Australium deposits; and australian as a virulent and widespread disease.)

    Think there was an Australian in the first Bioshock 2.... Kyburz or something.

      First Bioshock 2? First Bioshock, rather :)

    A Dingo ate my baby!
    Thanks for standin still, ya wanker!

    We've come a long way.

    .... I'm just not sure it's the right way.

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