Remember This?

I think I've made this one a little too easy! Have at it my brethren!


    Alright, I'll go for Flashback on the Amiga.

    Yep, it's Flashback alright...

    Though it'll be up for debate which version.

      I knew this as saw as I saw the thumbnail! LOVE flashback!

        Same! Classic game, took one look at that picture and knew it! :D

    I actually remembered the game but not the name, first played it on a friends computer and got killed a few times before I realised you had to outthink your opponents and non-violence was a strategy.
    Fantastic design.

    Flashback! Now that brings back memories! What a fantastic game for it's time!

      Looks too... dated, to be the Sega Master System 2 version I remember..?

      Although maybe not in a close up of that resolution?

    Hey Mark, any chance you could branch out a bit with the 'Remember this'? I really like the box art ones tracey does, maybe you could do a weekly theme, like what game is this red barrell from, what ammo box, something like that? Not saying I don't appreciate it as it is, just keen for a bit of diversity.

      What 'enemy sprite' is this game from? Or a code wheel question 'In what year did the Spanish fleet set sail to St. Kitts?'

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