Remember This?

Man, I'm not on a roll at all. Yesterday's Remember This was far too easy, and I have a bad feeling this one will also be solved within minutes! If I'm proven wrong I'll drop another clue later this afternoon.


    Canon Fodder.

      not sure if this is the exact screenie but...

      Holy shit dude, well done!

        Thanks man, this is just one of those games I've happened to play a lot! I absolutely destroyed this game back on my Amiga 500 when I was a kid. Loads of fun. Recognised that tree straight away. =D

          Same here mate, the trees in that game are so distinctive, the picture might as well be the title of the game

      That has got to be the easiest Remember This yet.

    Yep Canon Fodder

      I want to go play it now, why hasn't this been remade for android?

    Damn I was going to say one of the Pokemon games, but it looks like Ynefel got it

    Chrono Trigger?

    *looks at first post, does spit-take*

    Way to go, Ynefel, that was blazing! :)

    Totally cannon fodder or maybe cannon fodder 2. =D

    I'm proud to say I still have Cannon Fodder 1 and 2 both in box on my game shelf.

    Cannon Fodder? Pfft, it's clearly The Dig.

    Initial thought was Ikari Warriors..

    I'm on the Cannon Fodder bandwagon. I do recall that Cannon Fodder was the answer some months back, as there was a level of excitement that I finally knew one.

    yall remember the end credits when the KIA's scrolled? That shit was depressing even when I was 10 yrs old.

    I was only depressed when I lost a guy I'd been ranking up for a long time. I had no emotional attachment to my privates.


    Who Dares Wins or Commando from Commodore 64 ;P

    its cannon fodder one of the first few missions in the jungle

    I just played the game to litter the hills with gravestones

    Cannon fodder what a beast! I remember my 486 having real issues with this game when it first came out!

    Looks like capcom's commando to me ,that was a hard game I remember spending like $10 in one day on that game forty cents at a time.

    These have been pretty easy over the last few days, Mark. Give us a bit of a challenge.

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