Remember This?

Do you remember the game from this fragment of a screenshot? Leave your answer in the comments! A few people have suggested on the Kotaku Facebook page that we should crowd-source Remember This from time to time, so let's try that!

If you know of a game that you think would work well for Remember This, send in your suggestion with the subject line "REMEMBER THIS"! There's no guarantee we'll use it, but it might be fun to see what you come up with. The only conditions are:

- The game must have had an Australian release - The original release should be at least a few years old - If you suggest the game and it gets used, you're not allowed to participate in that day's Remember This (duh)



    Well, as long as you're accepting Facebook suggestions, you must have accepted mine!

    It's definitely The Dig.

      Already been done... oh that's right... that was one of the only days you missed it wasn't it? ;)

    Farenheit (Indigo Prophecy)

      My first thought too

    The Dig?

    I'm going to break and trend and suggest that this image is sourced from the game The Dig.

      Please ignore clearly incorrect wording.

        After words ignored, what remains is "I'm going to break ... The Dig."

        YOU MADMAN!

    I was thinking starting sequence to ff8. Been a while though since I've seen it.

    Reminds me of one of the FMV from Final Fantasy 8.





    Wave Race 64

    Kelly Slater's P{ro Surfer

    Final Fantasy 10?

      Was there even a boat bit in that game?

        Yeah there was... Quite a few boat bits, actually. The biggest was when you go between Besaid Island and Luca.

        FFX was my guess too.

        Surely in a world with a malevolent giant ball of water roaming the sky there'd be a boat someplace..

          SIN/Jecht (spoilers don't count, statute of limitations people) was a big evil whale thing, not a big ball of water.

    Flight Unlimited 2

    Lost Planet, yo

      Hooray! I have made it to the 30 minute mark! Thank you, PuppyLicks, for not checking this page and guessing sooner. ;-)

      Here is the screenshot I lifted the fragment from:

      So yes, the game is Lost Planet. CLAPCLAPCLAPCLAP

      (I am pretty stoked to have made it to 12:30. Let me have my happy clappy time.)

        HAHA tricksy. I thought it was a Final Fantasy X cinamatic (with a beach and the ocean)

    Looks like a snowboarding game, the shadow might be a rail.
    I'm gonna say Amped or Transworld Snowboarding, both Xbox.

    Actually reminds me of that scene from Jade Empire when the dude's walking through the snow with the shaky handheld camera behind him.


    Love how folks keep guessing after victory has been achieved.

    Don't worry guys, I'm sure we all don't mind. Tracey might be trolling us! :)

      Only by mere minutes, they may have simply not refreshed the page and seen the comment before posting. Except for that 1 guy below who guessed Farcry at 3:50. :-S

    So with the submissions, do you send in the full screenie and let you guys decide on which part to use, or just send the cut-out portion?

      You can just give me the name of the game and I'll track down the screens/box art.

      If you have a screenshot in mind, send me the full thing because if I get to the point where I have to put up a clue, I'll need to crop another section out of the screenshot.


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