Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one single screenshot? I'm quite proud of today's actually — don't you guys shoot me down by getting in within two posts!


    Original Prince of Persia?

      Damn it, was just about to guess that too :P

    Inspector Gadget: Little Miss Tuffet's Revenge?

    Kung Fu 2!

      Or more precise: Yie Ar Kung Fu for the NES


      Haha damn, I came in here thinking it was Kung Fu. Didn't know there was a sequel though.

        Wow I got one!

        I'd like to thank my manager, my parents, my boss for allowing me all this procrastination time... Tracey and the Kotaku team.

        I think that classic Kung Fu games are the real winner today..

    I'm getting a Castlevania vibe. I'll go with Simon's Quest.

    Halo: Combat Evolved

    I was thinking Castlevania but alas looks like we've already got a weiner.

    Good work, Nuddy.

    4 posts and a reply mark, 4 and a reply. Hope you're doing O.K.

      I'll make it. Barely.

        Things are grim when Shane doesn't even get a chance to guess "The Dig...."

          Speaking of which, where is Shane. Usually he would of said the Dig by now......

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