Remember This?

Do you remember the game from this fragment of box art? Leave your answer in the comments! Today's suggestion comes from Kotaku reader cephalxn! This means if today's game is too easy to guess, blame him! If it's too hard, also blame him! If it's just right, you may credit me for my excellent cropping skills. *sunglasses face*


    You've gone mad with power... my god.

    For what it's worth, I'm going to say Metal Gear Solid 2

      I was thinking the MGS when i first saw it but i will say Metal gear solid 3

    The Dig!

    Horizontal Lines 2: The Horizontalling

    Twisted Metal Black or Zone Of The Enders?

    Spycraft: the great game?


      Spycraft: The Great Game it is!

      Is this a game you've played?

        Yeah, played it years and years ago. only memories are of cd swapping, and having to photoshop cigarettes and a newspaper into a photo to convince the Russians you'd captured someone you hadn't. or something. if you used the wrong brand of cigarettes you lost the game, i think.

        The bit that stuck in my head was the mission part where you have to id the shooter after some official speaker gets his half his face blown off.

      God that brings back memories, I've still got the box around here somewhere too!...

      Well done!

      EVEN THIS took only 10 minutes.

      Game is nearing breaking point! :)

        Soon we will move to 'identify the game based on this 2-second sample of music'

          I'd be up for that =)

    it may even be Dino Crisis (im pretty sure thats the name)

    Gridrunner?? Attack of the mutant camels. maybe mercenary

      Lines are the wrong colour and they are not in a grid. Just sayin.

    It's not that Retro, but I can't help but think its Alpha Protocol.

    Gran Turismo 2

      PAL or NTSC version?

        Ive only seen the Pal version, so that's my guess! Lol


    No idea really.
    Next you should totally do a cropped section of a Sega Master System game box. All pretty much identical, with the blue line grid on white, and a tiny picture somewhere.

    Some game that involves walking up a bunch of steps.

      Ahh, you mean "Slinky" its a lot like what you are thinking of but in the other direction.

    is it "joe siegler taking a shit on the gaming community?"

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