Remember This [UPDATE]

So. It has come to this.

Here's another part of the pic!


    That could be anything...
    Pong? Xonix?

    alex kidd in mirracle world

      This. There's just something about that shade of blue that makes me think Alex Kidd.

    Mark's getting desperate, desperate men are dangerous D:

    F/A 18 Flight Interceptor, Amiga

    Crysis on the 360.

    Goemon: Mystical Ninja (N64 Game)

    Chip's Challenge?

      That's not right. I was playing it last night so I'm still all nostalgia'd up.


    I fell I'm allowed three guesses on his one....1942, Time Pilot or River Raid.


    For some reason, I strongly feel the white bit is the dot of an 'i', don't ask me why.


    QBasic Gorillas?

      Oh damn! I loved the crap out of that when I was like 4 or something.

      Holy crap! That's taking me back!

      My introduction to programming was breaking that game

        My first proper program was trying to replicate QBasic Snake. Instead, a bug made it look like I replicated Boulderdash instead.

        Good times.

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