Remember This?

Well, this game certainly was not my idea! Do you remember the game based on this fragment of box art? Leave your answer in the comments! Today's Remember This game was suggested by Kotaku reader, Joe (Hi Joe! Thanks Joe!). Whoever guesses the correct game today receives half a pitted prune.


    looks like the cover art to the new Thomas the tank DVD my son owns

    power rangers - lightspeed rescue?


      How on earth do you know this!??!?

        Haha yeah I thought it was a Power Rangers game too.

        Tracey, how on earth are you still surprised when this happens?

          Because this wasn't even my game! If I had chosen it, it would have been "Oh, well, I guess this is how it is!", but I figured this was a fairly obscure reader submission (I don't know of *anyone* who ever played a Power rangers game.


        back to single pixels it is then?

          At this rate Tracey will have to go from a single pixel to a vague description of a single pixel.

        I know, it's scary to me too! lol. I remember obscure PS1 games, yet I don't remember important stuff! haha.
        I was actually a lot older than I would like to admit when I played this game with some mates on PS1, was actually a bit of a fun co-op beat-em-up :p

    Deal or no deal or wheel of fortune

    Megaman X 1 on the SNES?

    deus ex 1?


    Looks like stargate...

    The legend of Zelda, a link to the past

    Or I am thinking of ocarina of time... Hmm

    Earthworm Jim?

    This looks really, really familiar, but I can't remember what it is.

    Not to cry hacks, but arent there programs that do image conparison and fetching on google?

      Tineye? lol

      c'mon now have a little class

        Besides, tineye didn't come up with anything for today's pic. Not that I would know that first hand, oh no.

    The Dig?

    (On behalf of Shane)

      i was waiting for that, and i was going to jump in with a reference to the dig earlier. but i gave shane a fighting chance...

      Good troll

    It's reminiscent of Gemini Wing.

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