Remember This? [Update]

Aw yeah. I got you guys good on Tuesday with Daley Thompson's Decathalon for the Spectrum. I think I may be able to force you guys to a second image today. Come at me bro!

Aw yeah, it feels good to be a prankster.

Here's your second piece of the puzzle.


    Toxic Crusaders on Nes?

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!! I'd guess the arcade edition?

    Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro-Am

    Phantasy Star

    Corner of the map from Wacky Wheels

    Im gonna go thing on a spring. but not the c64 version. amstrad???

      God I loved that game.

        +1... damn game got so hard also (well what I remember of it anyway)

    Park Patrol C64 ?

    Bucky O' Hare on nes

    I think it's an Activision C64 game... maybe River Raid 2?

    Super Mario land on the NES, but I'm not sure

    [Something] Quest [1 or 2]

    looks like a TMNT menu logo.


    You've stumped me Mark. Enjoy my bitter tears!

    Adventure Island on nes or snes?

    Darn you Serrels. I know I've seen that ball in a game somewhere I just can't remember the name of it

      Scratch that, its super tennis for snes - Proof

          I reckon that looks like the winner..
          But damn Ben, just 3 minutes too slow. Good work Vapor.

          Double damn. That was one of the first SNES games I got, totally didn't get it at all ;_;

        Ah DAMN! I instantly thought Super Tennis when the second screenshot came out, but I didn't post it

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